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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

How do we work

As an organisation we aim to be accountable while maintaining the freedom to just get on with the things that need doing. We believe that the worth of the group is what it accomplishes, not what it talks about!

The committee - made up basically of anyone who is actively working on something - interacts mostly online. Physical meetings are very rare.

Projects are formed by any group of members with a common interest, and become a "sub-committee" of the association. This is where the real work is done, projects meet as frequently or infrequently as needed, and often work more by email and phone than meetings.

We have a small core group who handle the practical stuff, like finances, and admin, and whose task is to support the projects.

At all our meetings we aim to achieve consensus, and in practice decisions or public statements are not made unless we get at least 80% approval from those attending. We've found this decision making strucure helps us to be sure we are speaking for the neighborhood, while stopping the factionalism which often generates in "majority rules" systems, or the tyranny of the minority in pure consensus groups. Basically, if we can't get 80% to agree, then we aren't speaking for the neighborhood.

We do lots of our work by email, saving a huge amount of adminstration time, and hopefully ensuring that most people are prepared and up to date before the meetings.

How can I get involved

The best way to get involved is to contact Mitra at mitra @ mitra.biz or 0414-648-722, and ask to be informed of the next meeting.

We understand and support that commitments vary from person to person, and from time to time, and promise not to push you into being more involved than you want. To the contrary, we'll encourage you to pick the issues you really care about, and get involved with the other people who care about that issue.




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