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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

Articles on topic "Roads" ...

March 20, 2006

Flood sign inaccuracies

An email was sent today to Byron Shire Council, pointing out that the flood signs on Grays Lane are out by as much as 20cm or more, and suggesting they might like to get fixed before someone who loses a car sues them. The full letter (including measurements during the most recent flood) is attached.

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November 24, 2005

Slow drive to hand in RTA submissions 2nd Dec

Debbie asks:
Hi Everyone
All those who plan to take part in the Slow Drive Rally on 2nd December can you please email Geoff Dorey: plantlorna@ozemail.com.au or ring Geoff on m. 0428872172. This drive could have an enormous impact if it is well supported particularly with media coverage. Please see previous emails below.

Sent: Sun 11/13/2005 11:05 AM
Hi Everyone
We are having a rally on the 2nd December to officially hand over our submission forms to the RTA and Joe Tripodi. This will involve a slow drive from St Helena to Ballina. We are asking all people who wish to take part in this to meet at St Helena Road at 8.30 am for a 9.00 am sharp start. The RTA and Local Councils have been notified and have no objections to this slow drive and we will be having a police escort. Would people driving tractors leave them at St Helena road the night before, ring Geoff Dorey to find out the property where they can be safely left (mobile: 0428 872 172), Otherwise if this is too difficult tractors can meet at points along the way. All unregistered vehicles such as tractors require a conditional permit, ring Geoff Dorey for details. At Ballina the vehicles will turn right into Kerr Street, left into River Street and follow River Street around to Missingham Bridge parking area, where we will take part in the official handing over of submission forms and a bar-b-que. Any inquiries about this ring: Geoff Dorey 0428 872 172

Sent: Tue 11/15/2005 8:43 AM (Forward from Geoff Dorey)

Hi Marianne

I have spoken with the RTA and if anyone who wants to participate with a tractor which is not registered can do so by the following;
Go into the RTA with the make,model and serial numbers for their tractor.
Ask for a permit to move the tractor on a designated day and a specified route.
The cost is only about $29 and a few dollars cheaper if you have your primary producer declaration
Please pass this on to everyone.
Geoff Dorey

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November 16, 2005

Trucks off the Pacific Highway - please sign the submission

You may have read in the paper or seen on TV the protest advertisements regarding the RTA and their plan to move the highway closer to the coats and put a motorway through Broken Head. 

At a community meeting regarding this 4 recommendations were made;

  1. move the interstate freight back to the New England Highway
  2. investigate alternative inland freight routes and rail options immediately
  3. upgrade Tintenbar to Ewingsdale to a class A highway on the existing corridor
  4. support Ballina council for an immediate start to a Ballina Bypass

These recommendations are also in our best interests even though the highway has already been upgraded here. A motorway would certainly increase the amount of freight on our highway and sending interstate freight back to the New England Highway is certainly in our interests.

Please sign the submission regarding these recommendations, it will benefit us as well, the deadline has been extended to the 24 November 2005, which is still only 10 days away.

Marilyn‚s Tyagarah Service Station has submissions you can sign

Visit their website and download a submission; http://www.pacifichwy.blogspot.com

Call me Deb 66 8434420 as I have copies also.

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September 14, 2005

Grays lane potholls

Robert Bleakley has been in correspondence and meeting with council about the state of Grays Lane - his correspondence is attached.

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July 10, 2005

Council transport forum Aug 12th

Hi everyone

We have received the following invite from Cr Jan Mangelson regarding a forum on transport solutions. This sounds like a good opportunity to let council know how much we just love the highway and all the noise from the big trucks!

If anyone is going to go, please let me know.

- Mitra

Thank you all for your help and hard work re this issue. It is gaining a lot
of momentum. The forum at long last is taking shape and we have had good
interest already. I will give you a list of the speakers and the agenda
next week. We are sending out a press release on Monday. I would greatly
appreciate it if you could send the flier and invitation out to your contact
people and send me a cc so that I can keep a database. Regards Jan

(More contains the invite from Jan and Tom Tabart, "File" contains the registration form)

See "File"

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December 1, 2003

Grays Lane condition

Joel has written a letter to council about the condition of the road, and drawing attention to our conditional support for a rates rise provided it was matched by service increases and in particular attention to Gray's Lane.

The letter, an extract from our submission of June 2002, and a copy of a letter by Robert Bleakely to council is attached.

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November 15, 2003

Solar power to pay for RTA installed AC

If any of you are wondering what your electric bill will be now that you've got your RTA supplied AC so that you can keep the windows closed and keep the sound of their badly built road out, then this story from Tony might give you some ideas.

Hi there

Sorry I missed your meeting last Thursday but the change of date conflicted with my Brunswick Valley Rescue Squad general meeting which was at the same time.

Aha !, I now see that its " Solar Powered Ventilation Systems " being offered, not bad considering that I was the one that told the RTA that air conditioning without the power to run it was as costly as being given a "car without the petrol" when in fact I did not need the car without the problems they caused, well, when I inquired why it was taking so long to get an answer it was reported back to because I had put " the cat amongst the pigeons " and believe it or not my request had go to the ministry head in Sydney not just to the yahoos in Grafton for approval as they were not empowered to accept the Solar Power costs to drive the Air Conditioner as that would set a precedent.

It took two months to get an anwer to that " Cat " but it did finally come, that it was understood that the Air Conditioner or fans that push air use more power than ones immagine and would soon outweigh the costs of the actual unit.

So now you can come and view my 1.2 KW solar panel system which was installed yesterday.

The system sleeps at night ( the " Happy Face " closes its eyes ) and in the morning ( the " Happy Face " opens its eyes ) and start to generate power which is fed to a new digital reversable meter installed with the system that feed the power back to the grid No battery banks needed.

So we may not get the road asphalt YET as I knew from the meetings that they were going to whitewash anything we said as a group at the meetings but I was not going to let them get away with the solar power when arguing on a one to one basis.

So if you need to get something done on a one to one basis with the RTA, use the Baggio "Dobberman" Principle

" Sink your teeth in and don't let go untill the required results are obtained " provided the results required are reasonable and feasible

- Kanga1

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September 22, 2003

Letter to RTA's CEO

Kali has sent a letter to the CEO of the RTA, with copies to Carl Scully, Tom Wilson and Don Page with concerns about the lack of action on noise and safety. Its uploaded ...

See "File"

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September 11, 2003


The $18m for highway noise mitigation is being written about in the papers. But it doesn't really cover anything significant for the bulk of Tyagarah residents, just some noise abatement for Tandy's Lane.

The battle isn't over yet, we are still pushing for lower speed limits, and for the resurfacing to be done. There is lots happening, but because it involves law-suits we can't really right about it here.

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August 21, 2003

Highway Noise Task Force report released

The Northern Pacific Highway Noise Task Force report is out, none of the concerns expressed by the TSCA representatives were incorporated, and it even went to the strange extent of rejecting the call for reduced speed on the grounds that it would increase braking noise as trucks braked to stay under the speed limit.

The report listed the Tyagarah short term strategy as to "Review acoustic assessments , and investigate additional mitigation measures including acoustic treatments of home". Tandy's Lane short term was "Finalise acoustic treatment of homes (including solar boosted ventilation system). and Review acoustic assessment". There were no long-term strategies for either Tandy's Lane or Tyagarah. The executive summary has been scanned and is on the web site, if you want to see the full report see Colin.

The only hopeful point is that in 2006 they promise to bring in new noise restrictions for new trucks.

Thanks are due to Amit and Tony for taking this process through to its conclusion.

The one plus of course, has been because of the pressure, the people who have received compensation have received a lot more as a consequence. We hope they will consider this and join the association or make a donation to enable the continuation of the struggle to get the noise levels down.

Given the lack of action, the only step left is to continue the lawsuit along with Ewingsdale Progress Association. Kali is the coordinator on this.

(The Exec summary and letter are scanned, Amit has the full version)

See "File"

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July 31, 2003

Safety and speed letter to council

Kali sent the following letter to council about safety and speed issues on the highway.

Continue reading "Safety and speed letter to council"

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July 10, 2003

Trucker fined for reckless driving

A trucker was apparantly fined $2000 for reckless driving in this area, so everyone is encouraged to keep reporting those drivers who endanger life on the highway.

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June 16, 2003

Cows on Grays Lane

The cows kept getting out and one night (14 June ?) there were about 20 cows loose on the highway. A B-Double just missed one and almost jack-knifed, a car hit one and from the look of it was totalled.

Kali and Alok were driving by and called the Brunswick Police who took 45 minutes to arrive. Brunswick NRMA arrived quicker and assisted! It was a hell of a job herding them all back off the highway.

Mitra stopped, and called the agisters (the Singh's).

The Ranger finally came by and said that the agisters would get a "whopping fine"

Thanks to the motorist & Kali and Alok and Mitra who stopped.

Once again this showed up the weakness of the non-local 000 system, who hung up on one caller after the tenth time she said Murwillumbah and he said Mullumbimby.

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May 29, 2003

TSCA comments on RTA Task Force's interim reports

Email sent to RTA Task force ... see "more"

Dear Jay and Carolyn,

I have attached the comments and concerns we have about the draft report. Some of these issues may be covered in the missing implementation section,
but it is not clear if this is intended or not.

I have included a letter presented by us to Carl Scully at Murwillimbah on May 13th. It has the preliminary data we have collected showing the high levels of noise on the concrete surface along the Tyagarah straight and the need to resurface it.

Please note that these comments are intended as constructive input and not as criticism.

We look forward to active and committed pursuit of the issue by RTA and positive noise reduction outcomes for Tyagarah residents.

With regards,
Richard Burford
Tyagarah Progress Association

See "File"

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May 8, 2003

Cows on Grays Lane

The problem seems to have been solved now, but the cows on Gray's Lane recently were being agisted on Cougar's old land (southern corner of Grays Lane / Highway) and if they get out again call 6684-7270

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Progressive fundraising dinner a great success

The progressive dinner attracted about 90 people, totally sold-out with late-comings just getting into the cocktails at Di Morrissey's. Followed by dinner at the Fig-Tree restaurant (food and space kindly donated by the Fig-Tree) and then desert and coffee at Rikki's. As long as everyone pays their pledges, enough was raised for the first stage of the class-action against the RTA.

Rikki and Kali are going to see Scully (Roads minister) about it.

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April 15, 2003

Seachange series about highway noise

Deb Cox (who lives in the area) is writing her fifth series of Sea Change about "Laura takes on the RTA about noise" inspired by this case.

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April 14, 2003

Law suit progress, and fund raising

Kali (by email):
- The people living at Mevlana want to be part of the suit - Soul will be the contact to them.
- Unless you are intending to hire Alan Cowley (the lawyer at Stone & Partners) on a personal basis, for a personal claim against the RTA, he would prefer we use the channels of either Kali or Rikki to communicate through..
- COMPENSATION ISSUE Alan Cowley states that if someone would like to receive compensation from the RTA in the form of A/C and double glaze etc. that "technically" once you sign the waiver from the RTA stating you will not take legal action, then it is unlawful to participate in this action. However, if one chooses to accept compensation then they give $100 to the BEA (Byron Environmental Association) no one will really know about it and it will not affect how the overall suit goes. However it does mean that you will exclude yourself from being a potentially valuable witness. It was stressed however, to see that the power bill to run an a/c for one year will far exceed the price of a new a/c! †And in this climate the A/C will have to be replaced in at least 7 years. Rikki and Bernard have double glaze, a/c and double brick walls....they say it makes no difference to the really loud sounds that peg out over all the others. So a long winded way to say, make up your own mind. However, personally I see that we are all much better off sticking together and ignoring their pleas to compensate us in some way. Alan also said, if they are willing to compensate AT ALL, then these offerings are just the beginning and would more than likely be willing to give much more. †He sees it all the time, one neighbor says yes to a/c and the next one pushes for more and in 3 years gets $10,000.00 and then the neighbor with the A/C doesn't understand what happened....so you never know. His point was, push for all you can get.

We need volunteers for fund-raising. Please everyone, get down to Marilyn's (the Servo) and buy tickets for the fund-raiser, I'm going to attach the flyer. Also we need some volunteers to knock on doors and raise money. At the moment we've got Gondwana and Mevlana covered, we need volunteers for Andersons Hill, Grays Lane, Kennedys lane etc etc. Kali said she got $200 in just one day of seeing people around town. Checks can be made out to "Byron Environmental Association" and can be dropped off at Marilyn's.

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RTA Task Force Meeting

Amit and Tony went Monday night strategy then Tues all morning task force with EPA, Road Transport Assoc, Bob Higgens (RTA), Coffs Harbor, Jan Mangelson (Open Shores). This was their 2nd meeting,

Amit's report on the Task Force:TF got Tony and Amit up to speed. Agenda included. Geoff Mellor (EPA) person (from Sydney) gave overview of Environmental criteria, explained what RTA can and can't do - its all non-mandatory. One important point is that they can say one thing to you, but then do something totally different so none of the lies the RTA told us are particularly important. We are in the Post Construction phase, i.,e. the phase where they fix all the mistakes made during the construction. Then there is the Noise Abatement phase where basically you are prioritized with everyone else and nothing gets done. So .. we are operating within their rules, which means that the sleepless nights further away from the road are irrelevant, since they are probably below the RTA's maximum levels (50 night, 55 day). The EPA have no statutory authority to police anything. There is a big push in SA to bring trucking industry into line with European standards, NSW may also come into line, which would bring things like brake emissions, engine noise etc into law. Benard Greenberg and Bob Johnson are the Ewingsdale reps. Jay Stricker (chair of task force) will write a report after next meeting. Bernard will write a counter-report to file with her.

Tony: We spent a lot of time listening to RTA's noise models, which say things like B-Doubles aren't any noisier, contrary to what everyone knows. (Tony thinks it is because they measure at road level rather than high where B-Double stacks are). The Consultants designs show berms etc etc to deal with the design, but clearly they aren't being used, Tony challenged them to show even one place where they used something from their models, instead they built the cheapest piece of road possible with none of the berms and noise barriers etc shown in the models. Their answer was to say "there was no point in debating the past". Hopefully we'll get independent readings done, since its clear that the readings being taken are inadequate. For example it appears the EPA has been taking 15 minute readings which could easily miss one of the B-Double convoys.

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March 13, 2003

Updates on plans for noise action

Kali has been in touch with the RTA about getting Tony and Amit onto the Task Force, neither of them have heard anything about it yet.

Joel had met with Tom Wilson about the noise, who had suggested that he (Tom) put together a small meeting between TSCA and RTA, we decided this was a good idea, and suggested that it be Tony, Kali, Amit and Debbie. The idea is that this would happen in parallel with pursuing legal action and the task force.

It was also agreed to pursue trying to get independent noise readings given that the RTA readings certainly have some questions as to their validity.

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Joel's meeting with Tom Wilson about mediation with RTA

Kali has been in touch with the RTA about getting Tony and Amit onto the Task Force, neither of them have heard anything about it yet.

Joel had met with Tom Wilson about the noise, who had suggested that he (Tom) put together a small meeting between TSCA and RTA, we decided this was a good idea, and suggested that it be Tony, Kali, Amit and Debbie. The idea is that this would happen in parallel with pursuing legal action and the task force.

It was also agreed to pursue trying to get independent noise readings given that the RTA readings certainly have some questions as to their validity.

Joel's letter about his meeting is below.
Meeting Tom Wilson and Joel Fleming 13/3/2003 at Byronian Cafe

Tom Wilson was absolutely under the impression Ocean Shores meeting was for Ocean Shores residents. I donít know how his understanding and ours are so different. He genuinely found the meeting impossible with so many cross issues.

Strongly feels that negotiating with RTA should be with individual groups, like TSCA, not coalitions. (Joelís comment : We could do this if we retained the coalition for class action. Eg We negotiate as individual groups but also let RTA, at the right time know, that we the progress alliance is considering a class action.

Process proposed, supported by Tom Wilson

To conduct a moderated meeting with RTA, Bob Higgins etc and Tyagarah group.

Only if participants can be respectful. I feel it is vital for success that we all be respectful to other participants, or we lose any good will.

The moderated meeting is similar to the one (as was done with impact of high voltage transmission system in Mullumbimby)

Note that this is overlap between this and consultative committee which I think Amit is on. We need to consider how the two relate and how to proceed.

Proposed Steps

Š TSCA writes a letter to both Tom Wilson and Bob Higgins RTA, proposed moderated meeting between RTA and TSCA, with Tom as moderator.
Š TSCA nominates some 6-7 Tyagarah/Andersons Hill representatives
Š At the meeting(s), the first step is to define the central noise issues and related issues like what the relevant legislation is.
Š Negotiate a process for addressing these issues in a rational agreed way. Eg TSCA proposes independent noise consultants, selected by community, paid for by RTA, who reports to us & RTA.
Š Results to be reviewed against relevant noise standards
Š We negotiate with RTA about remedies, mindful that RTA is only obliges to act where noise exceeds regulatory requirements. Still, we would push for a solution which the community supported, eg resurfacing, rather than glassing people into their homes.

We have discussed something like this before & Iím not sure where itís up to. I feel that we can participate in this without at all changing our commitment to the Byron Progress Alliance class action. We can just make the class actions conditional on the outcome of the negotiations. Consultation is probably worthwhile.

TSCA needs committed noise affected people to manage the noise issue

For this issue to progress it is vital that those most affected by the noise drive this process. We need to people to commit to running this process. This would primarily be people from Andersons Hill and near Tyagarah Service station.

Whether this is the way TSCA wants to proceed is for the group to decide.

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February 16, 2003

Stat Dec files

Here is the Stat Dec file and cover letter in a form it can be printed out

Cover letter

See "File"

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February 7, 2003

Notice of North Coast Pacific Highway Noise Taskforce

Today, Parliamentary Secretary for Roads, Tony Stewart announced a task force to look at noise on the Pacific Highway. The taskforce will be comprised of RTA, Council and members of the Community.

I have already forwarded our delegates names for inclusion on this committee, being Bernard Grinberg and Bob Johnston.

While this is a step in the right direction, clearly the task force could be used as a delay tactic to keep noise dissidents quiet prior to the election. I believe that the class action is essential to keep the Carr govnerment on track in ameliorating the unacceptable noise levels residents are experiencing.

Stone and Partners have, on our instructions, sent a letter of demand to the RTA regarding the 24 technical breaches that have been identified in Ewingsdale.

I will keep you posted as to any future devleopments,
Rikki Grinberg

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February 4, 2003

Council's resolution on B-Doubles

This afternoon a report was given to the Byron Council on the Pacific Highway Brunswick Heads to Yelgun upgrade. The following recommendations were made and passed with amendments 6-4

  1. That council note the contents of the report.
  2. That council expresses its concern to the minister at the inadequacy of documentation supporting the gazettal of b doubles.
  3. That under section 5-4 of Route Assessment Guidelines for b doubles and Road Trains, Council formally request the RTA Regional Manager reconsider the suitability of the section of the pacific Highway from Ballina to Yelgun for b doubles.
  4. That position of Ballina Shire Council & NOROC be determined and their support sought.
  5. That this be accompanied by a Press Release.

Jim Mangleson spoke for the public.
Councillors Mangleson, Ermocora, Halpern & Staples spoke for the recommendations.
Councillors Tucker, Tardiff, Wilson & Higgins spoke against.

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February 3, 2003

Submission to Council on B-Doubles

Kali sent a submission to council opposing B-Doubles, here's the key points (hit More for the full letter)

With regard to the Tyagarah Section of the Highway, the B Doubles should be excluded from this section of the highway for the following reason:

1. Tyagarah is sandwiched between two communities that have severe outstanding issues regarding the safety of B-doubles on their roads, Ewingsdale and Ocean Shores. Some of those issues are addressed below.

2. The section coming down St Helena is still unfinished and necessitate B Doubles being restricted to a single lane which is a major safety issue for other users;

3. The gradient of St Helena hill is 8 degrees plus. In reality, B Doubles which carry in excess of 65 tonnes have considerable difficulty climbing the hill, and in times of extreme wet weather, such as we are experiencing now, are unable to gain enough traction on the hill to be able to complete the climb. Trucks during heavy wet weather are constantly having to offload their second unit, climb the hill, detach their first unit, return pick up their second unit, reunite both units at the top of the hill and then continue. This is clearly a matter of some concern to other road users.

4. The matter of noise has not been settled by the RTA. In their original plans for the Tyagarah section the consultant had recommended noise abatement designs such as rubberised bitumen, which were then incorporated into the original plans. However, these have never been implemented and noise is now a key issue for all Tyagarah residents. Given the concrete section of highway and that this is the loudest surface possible, the noise being generated by the trucks is phenomenal

Continue reading "Submission to Council on B-Doubles"

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January 28, 2003

Suggestions for ruffling the Noise feathers

1) Call 131 555 to report any noisy truck, noisy mufflers, noisy braking. Be sure to list their license, when and where it was.

2) Call the company listed on the carriages of the truck to report bad driving i.e. too fast, being a bully, endangering lives etc. Report when and where.

3) Write to: Hon. Carl Skully MP
Minister for Roads
Level 36 Governor MacQuarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
Sydney, NSW 2000

ask him to support the introduction of EEC noise standards (supporting the new ADR83/00 covering vehicle noise standards) with addition of a standard for engine braking. 83% of all trucks in Australia were built prior to '95 and therefore are very noisy. Europe's trucks are considerably quieter and these parts are importable to Australia.

4) Could we plant a long string of clumping bamboo along our highway?

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January 20, 2003

Class Action update

We are at an important turning point with the RTA Class Action suit. Last night I attended a meeting with the Byron Shire Prog. Alliance. It was an important meeting with a solicitor named Allan Cowley (Stone and Partners) and his associate. This is the solicitor who won against the RTA (which was later appealed to the Supreme Court and therefore lost due to funds) representing the case of a Mr. Bob Johnson.

He had much to say that I will pass on to you. I would like you all to think very seriously about if we as a group would like to proceed. It is going to require much of us, both monetarily and otherwise. Please spend some time digesting the information and then respond to me by Jan. 25th with the following information:
1) If you would like to proceed
2) How much you are prepared to donate towards solicitor fees
3) What information you can pull together to give to our solicitor for his research and data collection.

If I do not hear from you (members of the Tyagarah Progress Association and any members of the noise action group), I will assume that you have voted "No" towards continuing our efforts. Your feedback (or lack of it) will instruct me how best to represent you.

There are several ways in which we (BSPA) could proceed in litigation. Allan recommends that we remain as a whole, a collection of progress associations and form a $2 company that can be the umbrella corporation. That way none of our assets (community halls etc) are at risk. †We can file suit in the following ways:
1) under non-compliance of guidelines
2) nuicence
3) as individual seeking compensation (our and his least favorite because it is anyway the noise we want remedied, not necessarily any money). There has been a recent change of mood around giving so much compensation to claims, the judicial system wishes to break the trend.
4) under section 52 - the Trade Practices Act - where we can prove malpractice.

We can also do injunctive proceedings in "layers" ...that is, first address noise, then address safety, then compensation....depending on our success at each layer.

They suggest staying away from any other group, i.e. council or council staff. Not necessary.

They also suggest in the beginning to rely on our group efforts to pool information around breech of guidelines, rather than pay for expensive outside "experts" to do tests. We can do that later.

While we as citizens can sue one another against breech of contract, where the government is concerned, they are legally entitled to change their mind and frankly, do as they bloody please. This then becomes an issue about politics and lobbying our representatives on the State and Federal level, more than just a class action suit. †Skully and the RTA have worked long and hard for years to keep guidelines from moving into legislation for exactly this reason. Therefore, most breeches we can from from the RTA are breech of guidelines, not breech of legislation. They are not responsible for any guidelines breeched as they are non-manditory.

There was a Highway Action group in Sydney who took on Skully and the RTA regarding the M5...a very strong case against them. Odds were that they could win. It went to the Supreme Court where 3 judges preside. All three voted against the group with the statement that Skully and the RTA were above the law. The guideline / legislative loop is meant as a protection device against all these sorts of actions. And there are heavy politics working in the judicial system to add to our demise.

Allen corrected our misinterpretation of our hopes to get probono work. He said that is only taken on by solicitors when there is a clear win and in a case that is somehow morally laden...i.e. a poor family's little girl is run over by the drunk wealthy neighbor.
PIAC, the organization I spoke to you about, that might represent us, will first put our case through an approval process, which takes months, and then decide if they will take us on. A long process and not timely, plus no guarantees that we will get a good solicitor.

Allen would very much like to do the case. Even though the cards are stacked against us, he believes that there is some hope and abhors the idea that this world is turning into a place where governments and large corporate bodies just run over everyone.So philosophically he holds some faith in another way. But he wishes that he be paid. Fair enough. He also would like to take it to a Barrister who would advise us if we have a case at all, before he takes us on. This initial consultation will cost us around $10,000.00. The case after that will cost us around $100,000.00 or more.

This means, as a community, we would need to canvas for donations, do fund raisers etc.

* †We will need to pull money together, lots of it.
* †We will need to work together to provide lots of information for Allen.
* †We will have to proceed also with a large political and media campaign...so would need some efforts from volunteers to help with this also.

OK folks. What do you want to do?

Please reply to Kali kali@byronpublications.com

OK folks. What do you want to do?

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December 12, 2002

Class action

The Byron Shire Progress Association Alliance - formed by the Progress Associations in Bangalow, Ewingsdale, Brunswick, Ocean Shores and Tyagarah is continuing work on this.

There was a big and stormy meeting in Ocean Shores, where a lot of anger was voiced at the way residents have been treated by the RTA. This has been reported in the Echo, no need to repeat details here.

A meeting between the alliance and the RTA is set for early January, and the January GM will focus on organizing for this. Kali, Amit (and Debbie?) are our reps at that meeting.

We agreed that our key points are:
Noise - in particular noise at night (early and late); noise at houses further from the highway than they are considering; the whine from the concrete and the lack of action and consequent stress from lost sleep for the last year.
Lieing and deceipt and a general concern that a public agency such as the RTA should not be lieing to the public.

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November 29, 2002

Letter to the RTA re discrepancy in readings

The letter attached here was sent to the RTA

"...We wish to advise that the Noise Assessment Data sheet has readings for
eight (8) consecutive days, this is quite impossible, as the meter on our roof
was installed and then removed as the operator informed me that there was too
much distortion noise in the meter, possibly from rain and he stated that the
readings had to be discarded ...."

See More for the rest of the letter ...

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November 26, 2002

Noise: 60 stat decs recieved so far

Amit says we've got about 60 Stat Decs in, if you haven't
done yours yet, please get it to Marilyn at the servo double-quick-time.

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A report by the National Road Transport Commission

From Corey Kolar at RAIN - fighting the noise in Queensland  href="http://www.geocities.com/noisypacificmotorway"> href="http://www.geocities.com/noisypacificmotorway">http://www.geocities.com/noisypacificmotorway

I thought the following might be of some use to you, a little more ammunition
anyway.  href="http://www.nrtc.gov.au/news/nr2002jan14.asp?lo=news&ex=releases">http://www.nrtc.gov.au/news/nr2002jan14.asp?lo=news&ex=releases
Download the copy of the report that is talked about in this article.

Not only are Australian standards relating to truck noise behind the times,
significantly, trucks with over 320Kw will be allowed to continue to be loud,
Iíve got to think that includes most B-doubles, which we know have increased in
number on the Pacific Motorway appreciably. 

Add to that the 4 dB increase that concrete imposes when compared to dense
graded asphalt or 8 dB when compared to open graded asphalt and you have a
recipe for noise.

I wish you the best of luck in your fight.

See "File"

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Noise: public meeting to be held

Jan Mangleson has just informed me that the
General Manager, Wayne Collins, BSC has agreed to conduct a public meeting
regarding the noise problems and B Doubles. The RTA are hedging saying that they
find "public meetings unproductive".

Jan has also been asked by Premier
Carr to prepare a briefing paper on the issue.

I will
advise you when the meeting is going to be.

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November 25, 2002

Noise: Letter from Ewingsdale PA to BSC General Manager

Here's a letter from Rikki at the Ewingsdale PA to the
Byron Shire Council General Manager, requesting a Pulic meeting over the issue.
Also points out some facts about Environmental Impact Assesments the RTA should
have done before allowing B-Doubles onto the highway.


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November 19, 2002

Noise: needing Stat Decs and stories about RTA interactions

A week or so ago I sent out an email about Statutory
Declarations about the increase in road noise.

We need to get these back as soon as possible - our deadline is the 24th
November. Getting these together are a significant part of our potential class
action - to show that many residents have been significantly affected by the
changes to the highway.

We have also been hearing stories of some questionable practices by the RTA
when taking the noise meter readings. For example meters being moved because the
readings were too loud.

We have also heard many stories where the RTA has said something to somebody
about using low noise road surfaces. We are wondering if there is a pattern of
deception that could be shown here. If the RTA has said something to you, please
either edit the Stat Dec to show this, call Amit, or attach a note to the Stat
Dec and Amit or Debbie will get back in touch with you.

The Stat Dec's have to be signed by a JP, there are JP's at the Mullum and
Byron Court House, and there are several others around (for example many banks
have them).

You can drop the completed Stat Dec's with Marilyn at the Tyagarah Servo

Any questions please call Amit on 6684-7540

I'm enclosing the Stat Dec again, this is the same as the one sent out last

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November 14, 2002

Update on Noise Action Group

Amit reported on the meeting with the other Progress
Associations at which the Byron Shire Progress Association Alliance was formed
specifically to address this issue. It is focussed on the increased noise from
the highway.

The current situation comes down to the fact that
everyone affected, should immediately fill out an affidavit (available as an
attachment to emails from several TSCA members) and have same at the Tyagarah
Service Station before Sunday 24th November.Also if you have had
direct dealings with the RTA and received any promises or such like, include an
attachment stating said promises with the affidavit.

Mitra will summarise a email list of all who are
taking an interest in the issue of road noise, including all parties from all
groups in an effort to expediate communication.

Amit explained that other community groups are more
advanced with their campaigns on noise and we should hurry to catch

It was also mentioned that we should all mention the
issue to our neighbours to make sure we have have maximum

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October 15, 2002


The group is concerned about the RTA's plans for highway lighting at the Wrecker's Corner interchange, since the locals were not consulted despite its significant effect on humans, other animals and the environment. We believe that it is far more than necessary, and likely to be constructed in such a way as to light up much of the countryside as well as the road.

Action is urgently needed to stand a chance of a better outcome. Debbie, Joel, Gail, Dianne and Mitra met last Tuesday 8th: Mitra Prepared a fact sheet; Mitra has been on Param's show "Interesting Times" on Bay FM; Debbie Got an article into the Echo; Mitra Discussed the issue with Ian Cohen - Federal MLC for the Greens - who is meeting with John Scully next week; Debbie has talked to the Project Manager and RTA head of the Pacific Highway; Debbie has been trying to get a copy of the RTA's rules, but appears to be getting the run-around.

We are organizing a public meeting for Monday 22nd at Tyagarah Hall at 7pm, (Debbie spoke to them today - Tuesday - and a representative from the RTA will be there). Please read the fact sheet, and contact Debbie (66843420 dsharp@byrononline.net) if you can help.

Joel wants us to focus on solutions around minimizing impact of the lighting because its unlikely we will be able to influence the RTA regarding the amount of lumination

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October 7, 2002

Noise: Class action suit being considered

Gail and Tony Bridgeman reported, stepping in for Deb.
 There was the feeling that not much more could happen by way of further
meetings and gatherings, group voted to speak with Wroth (or another solicitor)
about taking RTA to court finally.  Get Wroth to head up a meeting inviting
neighborhoods all up and down the highway to participate in a class action suit
specifically aimed at the Noise (not the bridge or anything else). Amit agreed
to speak with Wroth.  Kali is speaking to Ewingsdale Prog.

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October 6, 2002

Noise: Letter to Bayside Brunswick residents

Debbie has put together a letter for Brunswick residents, with suggestions to
write to politicians and the RTA.

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August 25, 2002

Noise: RTA proud of rubberised bitumen at Byron Interchange

A small snippet of interesting information. Bruce
advises that RTA told him that they were very proud of using bitumen containing
rubber from recycled tires at the Byron interchange, because of the reduction in
road noise. This would appear rather significant as it establishes a
precedent for the use of rubberized bitumen in our area. This contract
predated the Tyagarah straight contract.

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Noise: Initial committee

The committee includes :-
Debbie Sharp      href="mailto:debsharp@optusnet.com.au">debsharp@optusnet.com.au
< href="mailto:debsharp@optusnet.com.au">mailto:debsharp@optusnet.com.au>
Free            Tony
nominated an email buddy. If you are his email
buddy, would you mind to email
me and let me know this ?
Cooper        href="mailto:j.a.cooper@bigpond.com">j.a.cooper@bigpond.com < href="mailto:j.a.cooper@bigpond.com">mailto:j.a.cooper@bigpond.com>
Wright    href="mailto:Rod_tabla@hotmail.com">Rod_tabla@hotmail.com < href="mailto:Rod_tabla@hotmail.com">mailto:Rod_tabla@hotmail.com>

Also, could the gentleman with the connections to EPA email us to continue
discussions about how we can engage the EPA in dealing with the noise issue

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August 8, 2002

Bike User Survey

Byron Shire Council has undertaken a survey of Bike Users, and we put in a
submission which is here.

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July 29, 2002

Formation of Noise Action Group (NAB)

When the RTA proposed the upgrade of the Pacific Highway,
they told us that noise would be decreased. Most residents would agree that this
is not the case and that we are experiencing a substantial increase in noise.

The Tyagarah Sustainable Community Alliance has written to
the RTA with no reply, so we had our lawyer write to them and still no reply.
Now it’s time to get together and decide what further action we can

Their own documents state that where they are
redeveloping an existing road their aim is to not increase noise by more than
2db. Their documents also state that random groove concrete (which they have
used in the Tyagarah to Tandys Lane upgrade) is 4.5db louder than open-faced

color=#003300 size=4>Increase in decibels
Actual increase in Sound
or 2.8 times the original sound intensity

face=Symbol color=#003300 size=4>
causes sound intensity 180% higher, or 2.8 times bitumen, by their own figures

face=Symbol color=#003300 size=4>

4.5db increase involves a very large increase in sound intensity.
The human ear is more sensitive to changes in low intensity
. So, humans are quite sensitive to an increase in noise, when
the initial, or reference, noise level is fairly low.

This is an
increase, which impacts on our quality of life, it has a cost, and RTA has
imposed that cost on us, for the sole purpose of saving themselves

The RTA have had ‘noise experts’ visit those that they
have to do something for and are in the process of assessing
what they will do for these people, then they will ask them to sign a waiver,
before doing the work.' We did not move here to live in double glazed,
air-conditioned boxes with a water feature outside the bedroom window, lamely
trying to drown out the noise of trucks roaring down the

If you are unhappy with this situation and feel that
the additional noise resulting from the highway upgrade is unacceptable, please
attend a meeting to discuss this issue on Thursday 22 size=1>nd August at 7pm in the Tyagarah
. Together we may be able to make a difference as their
own documents also state that the community needs to be provided ‘with a
transparent decision-making process’ and that ‘any noise mitigation measures
shall be developed in consultation with affected

If you have received a ‘Noise Assessment
Summary Data’ for your property, could you please photocopy it and bring it

We would also suggest that you don’t sign any RTA
noise wavers before the meeting.

While people may be quite
unhappy about the freeway noise, we do encourage people to come to the meeting
in a cooperative and positive community spirit, in the hope that we can achieve
more a coordinated effective group.

If you cannot attend but
are interested in being part of this group please email {deleted}
or leave your contact details at the Tyagarah Service

Debbie Sharp
Joel Fleming
Progress Association
Tyagarah Sustainable Community

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July 1, 2002

Highway noise

Wroth Wall believes RTA is responsible for repaving highway to cut noise
Colinís point was that we should insist that if they do repave, that they use
the lowest noise bitumen and not the cheaper noisier bitument option. Lighting
outcome at Tyagarah interchange not satisfactory. Waiting for RTA to contact us
regarding additional screening plantings

Joel stood between north and southbound lanes and listened to
traffic noise. Car traveling south on the bitumen were far quieter than
cars traveling north on the concrete. This is a very simple experiment
& is really worth trying. Also, the nature of the noice is different.
The smooth bitumen creates a fairly soft less intrusive noise, while
the concrete creates an uncomfortable intrustive whine. The difference
was so marked that I subjectively felt some cars on the concrete
sounded louder than semi trailers on the bitumen. Of course what we really
want is a resurface of the northbound lanes using the low noise bitumen and to
campaign to have freight moved to rail not road.


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June 4, 2002

Frontage Road

Ed has raised concerns over the new 100km sign on the frontage road,

It has been suggested that he write a letter - and circulate it here before it goes to the RTA

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June 3, 2002


Kali has asked Wroth to follow up with a legal letter to the

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May 6, 2002


Gail and Debbie have lots of energy for the road issues, especially noise, but are unable to get to meetings. There was support for reactivating a sub-committee, led by them to work on this.

Kali has been in touch with Michael and Wroth again about the letter.

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April 1, 2002


There has been no reply to the letter we sent to the RTA about noise, so
Kali will follow up with Wroth about taking legal steps. (Kali will post a copy
of the letter to the web site)

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Grays Lane

Council has half-heartedly graded the highway end of Grays Lane about 15th
March. Once again they just smoothed it around with adding gravel or
deep-ripping. The road is basically sand now and the two worst pot holes were
back within two weeks. Colin will check with David about askign council to
regravel it. We wonder if it is costing them more to do it badly so often than
to do it properly.

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Highway wildlife crossing

Colin is reviewing the places where wildlife can get under the highway,
and places it is crossing over the road (with the expected

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Speed Limits

There has been concerned about the speed limit on Tyagarah Rd, which he
thinks should be reduced to 70km because of the amount of wildlife crossing and
getting killed. A personal letter has been sent to council but it was agreed
that TSCA should send a letter.

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March 4, 2002

Grays Lane

Council had decided again that they can't do anything about speed limits on Grays Lane despite the frequent accidents on the bend. Lisa pointed out that the last two times that Grays Lane was graded it was not done properly in that the surface was not deep-ripped, this explains why the original pot-holes reappear within a week or so. It is believed that the last time it was done properly was about 18 months ago.

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A letter has been written to the RTA by Michael & Kali pointing out the discrepancies in their EIS and the lack of anything beyond the appearance of community consultation.- with assistance from Wroth

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February 26, 2002


Debbie emailed: The RTA have had some kind of noise measuring device on my verandah for the last week.

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February 4, 2002

Naming the Service Road

Colin followed up with council, who have ignored community input and named the access road "Gelding Road", supposedly for historic reasons although noone around here had heard of a Gelding family.

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Michael and Kali have been working with Wroth Wall on a tougher letter to the R.T.A about noise, pointing out the discrepancies in their EIS and the lack of anything beyond the appearance of community consultation.

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Service Stations

Marilyn has taken up her issues with the RTA with Don Page, again we encourage residents to fill up at her service station to help keep her here.

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January 28, 2002


A letter was sent to Bob Higgins at the RTA more formally requesting that they comply with their own environmental review. See the (more) for the full text

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January 7, 2002


Bob explained that concrete is the third, and first worst surface. He explained that they couldn't use the best surface - ashphalt with air pockets in it - because they don't have the equipment up here to keep it clean. But he did NOT explain why they couldn't use the 2nd best surface, ashphalt - as used on the south-bound carriageway. He would not answer whether the RTA would resurface if a noise survey shows an increase. Joel requested that they meter noise before switching to the current northbound concrete, southbound ashphalt surface to show how much it went down on switching (and therefore would decrease if the northbound was resurfaced). Bob appeared to agree, but actually agreed to something completely different and totally pointless!

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Joel and Debbie met with Bob Higgens of the RTA. Their impression was of the standard RTA approach - lots of listening but then do exactly what they had planned to do all along. One glimmer of hope was that they said they would look at improving the lighting at the Brunswick Heads turnoff. They also committed to get revegetation consultants to look at extra screening to shield local residents from the direct light.

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Naming the Service Road

Colin will follow up and see what happened since we haven't heard from council.

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Road to Hall

Joel has been in touch about the damage done by their trucks to the road up to the hall and airfield. We have recieved a letter from the council about this which Colin will recirculate to the airfield users. The sign to the hall needs moving since it is now totally obscured by weeds no longer mowed since they aren't part of the highway. We will contact the RTA about moving this.

(This was fixed (presumably) by the RTA later)

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Service Station

In violation of RTA's own safety rules, they've run power lines directly over the service station, which means until they rectify the situation Marilyn can't put up a sign to let people know she is there. It would be great to make a special effort to fill your cars up at the Servo, and help Marilyn stay in business.

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December 11, 2001

Road to Hall

Since the meeting there has been a concern about RTA trucks driving up the road and turning, there seems no logical reason for this other than to get mud off their tires, and it is damaging the road, Joel will call the RTA to make sure something is done about it.

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December 3, 2001


We noted that the RTA is using Ashphalt on the South-bound carriageway, and that this was already planned and not a response to our concerns. Bodha offered to check with the RTA about whether they are using the low-noise or normal ashphalt.

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October 30, 2001


A letter has been sent to Bob Higgins, the Pacific Highway Project Manager informing him of the results of the meeting on the 15th October 2001

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October 22, 2001

RTA Resource sheet

A fact sheet for dealing with the RTA on noise and lighting issues has been developed

See "File"

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October 18, 2001


The paper "The Night Sky as a valuable Feature in the Shire of Stanthorpe" by Keith Lay, Ballandean, provides a way that a different location has tackled this issue.

See "File"

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October 16, 2001


Letter sent to all mailboxes in the area.

Invitation To Community Meeting

Preventing Loss of Our Night Sky From Massive Lighting Project at Tyagarah Interchange

Where Tyagarah Hall (near the airfield). When 7:00pm Monday 22nd October, 2001

Dear friends,

Many community members are becoming concerned that the RTA is intending to install excessive and intrusive lighting at Tyagarah Interchange, near the Tyagarah Service Station. Anyone who appreciates their night sky or has views over Tyagarah from Coorabell, St Helena and Andersons Hill is encouraged to attend this meeting where we intend to discuss with the RTA ways to minimize the scale and negative impact of the lighting to be installed.

Following is background information outlining our major concerns. Updates on the lighting issue are available from our web site at http://www.tyagarah.org/lighting.htm.
To discuss the excessive lighting issue and how you can help, please contact Debbie Sharp on 66843420 or dsharp@byrononline.net .

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October 10, 2001


Some resources for the lighting issue:

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RTA Environmental Report

A (poor quality) scan of the Environmental report section 9.13 "Landscape and Visual Considerations"

See "File"

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RTA Environmental Report

A (poor quality) scan of the Environmental report section "Summary of Key Issues"

See "File"

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Lights factsheet

A factsheet has been produced about the lighting issue. See attached ...

See "File"

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October 4, 2001


Mitra located on the net: <a href="http://www.asv.org.au/lpoll/lppage.htm">Outdoor Lighting Principles for Australia in the 21st Century</a> - Dr Barry.Clark - Astronomical Society of Victoria Inc.

Mitra contacted the author who responded quickly. See the document and correspondance.

See "File"

Continue reading "Lights"

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Debbie Sharp says: "The manager of the Pacific Highway in Grafton has been going to call me back since yesterday. so far nothing. When I rang, they asked who I was, then told me he was in a meeting. I Had previously spoken to the project manager in Grafton, Bob Cairns, who of course said, that he had to build it to RTA specs, which included lights. I told him about nothing being mentioned about lights in the 5 years worth of stuff that I have from them. Who do I complain to, he passed me to the manager of Pacific Hwy and said he would tell them I was ringing. I think this is the classic avoidance plan, so that they can do it without anyone complaining. I will try again to call him. "...

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October 3, 2001


Debbie Sharp alerted us as follows ....

Here is another challenge for you. We have just learned that the amount of lighting at the new interchange at Wreckers Corner will be similar to the Byron one. This means the deterioration of our beautiful night sky, to say nothing of the disturbance to the nocturnal animals.
We had not been informed of this, in all the community consultations there has been no mention of lighting and the visual impact that it would have. Since I put two and two together on this and asked about lighting I have been given the old run around, (3 weeks and no lighting plan as promised). They look ready to go soon as there is a pile of cable at the bottom of the hill.

This seems like incredible overkill for Tyagarah, and will ruin our country atmosphere and night sky. The glow from Byron Interchange is visible from Tyagarah, can you imagine what it will be like?

What can we do in order to change/stall this plan? We don't have a lot of time and cannot expect much sympathy from the RTA. Do we need a meeting soon, and is there an Andersons Hill group as they too will be affected and the more objection the stronger our case.

Gail Bridgman & Debbie Sharp ph. 66843420 (opp. Tyagarah Service Station on the hill)

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August 6, 2001

Bus Stop

Ed doing a lot of work on this matter and is following up

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July 2, 2001

Bus Stop

Ed was not present at the meeting, the following update was recieved by email.
I only noticed yesterday ( Saturday 7.7.2001 ) that along the service road ( Is there a name chosen for it yet? ) just north of Grays Lane, they have created a bus pullover area for the bus for north and south bound buses. I am hopeful that they will provide and erect Bus Stop Signs at same.. I will send an email to the relevant RTA contacts for further updates.

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There are considerable concerns over the increased noise due, we believe, to the raised height, concrete base and lack of trees of the new highway, and that this is so even at the current 80km/hr limit which will be raised to 100km/hr on completion. David pointed out that the RTA is reluctant to do a study before the Highway is finished and are unlikely to do anything since they measure the absolute level of noise, not the annoyance due to it occuring during the silence of night. It was unclear what could be done about this

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Renaming the frontage road

Council has sent a letter saying that they will advertise for names, but we agreed to put together a proposal anyway. We called for suggestions - and added all the ones recieved so far, and whittled down a list of about 20 to a shortlist of three which clearly had more support. "Community Way", "A.Better Way" and "Songline Way". There was general support for all of them, but on a final vote these tied and it was decided unanimously that Joel should write a letter to submit them all to council as the groups suggestions.

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June 4, 2001

Renaming the frontage road

We have an opportunity to name the access road along the highway, if you have ideas please email them to me, or bring them to the AGM.

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Grays Lane

David to enquire re a Grays Lane warning sign south of the turnoff also about fixing the hollow in Grays Lane .

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May 3, 2001


(David, Isabel and Tina)
After some discussion - Bruce pointed out that a noise wall would have to be really high to make any difference to us up here on the hill, and also that trees have been shown not to muffle the noise. David also pointed out that the wall would basically have to extend from almost Ewingsdale to the Wreckers petrol station to have any effect, so this has been dropped. However they will be looking into other noise-reduction issues such as signs about compression breaking, and to turn off refrigation units at the turnout.

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May 1, 2001

Speed Limits

Council recommended against speed limits, supported "No Through Road Signage" See ...

Continue reading "Speed Limits"

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