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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

Articles on topic "Lamp" ...

May 3, 2002


(Mitra and Dianne) As a first step, we are working on updating the Pilot Rural Locality Study done in 1995, its up on the web site, if you have comments or points for discussion please let Dianne or myself know. Kali and Bodha are going to liase with other Progress Associations in the shire to look at how we cooperate with them.

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March 4, 2002


Joel has been interacting with council about potential

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October 15, 2001

Meeting with Sustainable Futures

We have contacted Peter Cummings and are meeting him Wednesday 17th to figure out how to raise the funds; what workshops to conduct and how to get the appropriate planning documents produced afterwards. There was concern about the differences between East Tyagarah - where there is already much of a consensus, and an existing LAMP, and West Tyagarah where there was none. The goal is to obtain as much as possible for both sides of the highway, without pushing West Tyagarah faster than a consensus can be genuinly developed and at the same time not to hold East Tyagarah back. This will be raised with Peter.

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September 3, 2001

Meeting with Sustainable Futures

LAMP: Mitra met recently with Peter and Eshana of Sustainable Futures (www.sustainablefutures.com.au). They are experienced in the process of producing planning documents focussed around sustainability. This includes experience with the fund-raising, community facilitation and preperation of the appropriate documents. It was decided to invite them to meet with the committee to explorer how we could work together on updating the LAMP.

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July 2, 2001


We have circulated the existing LAMP, but have concerns that while we agree with it, it is not specific enough. We are looking for the funds to open a more comprehensive process to update the LAMP - there is currently a request for Section 94 funds from council, and we are looking into other sources.

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June 8, 2001

Pilot Rural Locality Study for East Tyagarah - scan

This is a scanned version of the Pilot Rural Locality Study for East Tyagarah

See "File"

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April 5, 2001


Mr. Szlezak referred to the Association's long history, at least extending back to 1904, and reported on the more recent activities and achievements. Notable among these were meetings of residents with Councillors and Staff of Byron Shire Council leading to the preparation of

"Pilot Rural Locality Study East Tyagarah, Participating Residents' Concept Plan"

as a basis for future planning in the East Tyagarah area.

It was noted that due largely to changes in the Planning Staff at the Council this study was never submitted to Council for adoption. Whilst being accepted as a general guide for planning it may require upgrading to a 'Local Area Management Plan' so as to form the basis for the preparation of an LEP (Local Environment Plan) for the Tyagarah area.

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