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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

Articles on topic "Hall" ...

August 21, 2003

New hall manager - Neeten

Neeten is now managing the hall, he is on 6684-7362.

Note that if anyone is using the hall then they either need their own insurance or all the participants need to be members.

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June 16, 2003

Hall sub committee

Colin spoke with Niten, who is getting a hall sub-committee together, if anyone is interested they should contact Niten or Colin.

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May 8, 2003

Tasks needed, Colin coordinating

Colin will check and update the list of tasks that need doing, split between safety issues for council, and other upgrade issues for us to take care of. Once we have this list of tasks that need doing, if there are any handymen (or handywomen) on this list, or any of you have neighbors and want to give us a quote to do these, please get in touch with Colin (6684-7106).

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April 16, 2003

Ownership - letter from council

The council sent us a letter, which is transcribed below.

BSC File No: 194930G/#37822 Renee Wilkes
13 March 2003

Dear Mr Alden

I refer to our recent discussions regarding the ownership of the Tyagarah Hall located at the Tyagarah airstrip and apologise for the delay in confirming our discussion.

I have been unable to locate any documentation that confirms the ownership of the building. I note your advice that the hall was donated to "the community" many years ago and was subsequently relocated to its current position as a result of a resumption of land for the construction of a road.

I can advise that Council is currently insuring this property. Despite this there does not seem to have been any move torequire the formation of a section 355 Committee which is the normal method of managing community halls within local government.

On the basis of this information there are two options for your Hall Committee.

1. Ownership of the Tyagarah Hall is formally vested in the Tyagarah Hall Committee or some other appropriately incorporated community organisation. This option would require the hall owner to enter into a lease with Council for the occupation of the land at Tyagarah Airstrip. It would also require the owner to obtain and maintain all appropriate insurances.

Please note that the elected Council must apporce any proposed lease prior to formalising such an arrangement. Therefore I cannot advise what conditions may apply in relation rent and lease term at this stage.

2. Ownership of the Tyagarah Hall is formally vested in Byron Shire Council. This option would require the formation of a section 355 Committee in accordance with Council's policy (a copy of which is attached). Council would then accept full responsibility for insurance and building management and maintenance.

Given that there are no formal records relating to ownership, Council is prepared to allow your Committee to determine which of these options it would like to pursue. I understand that the Committee intends to meet in the near future so I would appreciate this matter being addressed at this time.

If you require any further information please contact Renee Wilkes on 02-6626-7083

Yours sincerely, Paul Hickey,
Director Corporate and Community Services.

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April 15, 2003

Ownership questions

Continuing the discussion of how to deal with the ownershop choices offered by council.

Committee: Choices
1: Ownership goes to the TSCA, who lease land from council, and obtain insurance.
2: Ownership stays with council - with S355 committee, council insures, maintains etc.
Our choice, since council has lost the records.

Total earnings 1600, 1091 outgoing, Bodha hasn't had anything since August. Bodha has the books now, but not yet the receipts, Bruce says he has all those.

Assuming we can get a peppercorn rent - which would be reasonable given that the hall was moved to this land as a trade for land taken in a road straightening exercise a long time ago, then the choice comes down to ...

S355 - more bureaucracy, create a committee of 4 people + councillor,
Our hall - we have to insure it.

There was much debate ... mostly about what the hall gets used for - currently 2 dance classes and a tai-chi class each week and the occasional event or party.

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March 13, 2003

Hall update - ownership, work required, accountability

Bruce was unable to come, but asked (via bodha) about the items he brought up at the last meeting that needed money spending on them.

Renee Wilkes at BSC has been trying to track down ownership/responsibility for our community hall but has not had any success,so BSC intends to write to the TSCA offering the community the choice of taking ownership or giving it over to BSC.Renee Wilkes is the property and contracts officer for BSC and following this up has been part of her responsibilities.

We discussed this and repeated our decision of last meeting that we won't spend ANY money on the hall until we see quotes, and a financial summary of what is happening at the hall. In addition we stressed that given the issues over ownership there would be no money spent on the hall until Bruce had met with Colin and sorted these issues out, and Bruce was requested not to have any contact with council about the hall until he'd met with Colin.

Bodha expressed concerns that she hadn't seen the books since October and had never seen the book that supposedly exists on hall bookings and use. While everyone was happy that the hall was getting lots of energy from Bruce there were concerns that we are fiscally responsible for it. Mitra offered to talk to Bruce and try and sort stuff out.

Also - we need to clarify issues about insurance in the case we take over ownership, and in particular whether we would be responsible if some low-cost contractor was injured working on the hall.

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December 12, 2002

Painting the hall

Hall painting is being organized, using the paint generously donated by Luxury Paints

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December 3, 2002


There were no noise issues around Dianne's birthday party which was held there recently.

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November 14, 2002

Luxury paints donating paint for the hall

LUXURY PAINTS from Byron has offered to
supply FREE PAINT for our hall.This generosity will be acknowledged but member
support for the company should also be encouraged as a

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October 7, 2002

Report on hall

Pixie announced a 400% increase.
 Hall seems to be holding it's own.  He now has a ledger with up to
date recordings of all who rent the space, monies spent etc.

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August 1, 2002

Logo is mounted

The beautiful logo is mounted on the hall - thanks to Dianne, Bruce, and anyone else who contributed energy and materials.

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June 3, 2002

Hall finances

We now have all the figures, but not the books yet - Bodha will followup

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May 6, 2002

Hall Guidelines

The attached guidelines for Hall management worked out between Joel and Bruce were adopted.

Continue reading "Hall Guidelines"

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Just a reminder that anyone is welcome to go down Fridays at 3pm to see what is happening at the hall, and share a Chai and maybe some music.

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Maintenance has been proceding, this is an update on items done since
Bruce took over.

  • Ground & Prepared for painting, but some rot found in the process which needs repairing.
  • Logo - painted by Dianne and ready to mount when the walls are painted;
  • Stage Lights are on loan and available for use.
  • Safety issues are still pending, Bruce has to meet with Greg Downes @ BSC about this.
  • The Ceiling is Masonite, not asbestos as feared. Bruce is investingating a mould treatment before painting.
  • The airport groundsman has been asked to mow the field behind the hall and the mulch is being used for a potential outside area.
  • Floors were properly cleaned in December by the New Years eve ball people who have also offered money and volunteers to help with painting.
  • The Stage now has a movable extension
  • The toilets are mostly used by the sky divers, Bruce has spoken to the cleaner (employed by the council) who arranged for the plumbing to be fixed.
  • Windows on the south side need replacing, quaotes are being got.
  • The Front door needs replacing, this might be a council responsibility.
  • Bruce has been in touch with the Lapidiary club, airport and council about various issues.
  • The Water Tank that was to have been installed has been stolen

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Hall finances

Last year we brought in only $188 - which was unsurprising given that the hall was getting little attention. This year so far Bodha has recieved $175 in back-fees for the Tai Chi), and Bruce has brought in about another $300 since December. Bruce has spent about $390 on maintenance which means that we are still ahead on last year. Mara has volunteered to setup the books. There is now a book and receipts and a quaterly summary will go to Bodha with the receipts.

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March 4, 2002


Amit has volunteered to help with repainting. He also suggested someone
who did a color scheme for their house, but we decided that $300 was too much to
spend on this for a hall.

Other items to do with hall refurbishment reported last month are still to happen.

Colin will get the safety list to Bruce for liasing with council about fixing things.

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The hall is going well, with 2 regular users - Monday pm (who?) and
Wednesday evening (Drumming). Bruce has addressed concerns with the drummers who
ran over their agreed ending time (9:30pm) last week. The Chai and music events
are happening Fridays at 3pm.

Bruce was encouraged to keep a day-book so that the rest of the committee is more informed of who is using the hall, and how they are contributing.

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February 4, 2002


There have been working Bees (Bruce, Will , David etc) who cleaned up the toilets (which still need painting) and some other areas. Will donated a Fridge and Stove. There is also a fresh water tank which still needs hooking up. Some bush tucker has been identified just around the hall. The hall sign is invisible and needs moving. Bruce suggested installing a pine "dado", (a covering of the wall for the lower meter) as most damage is done at this height, and will get a costing for this. Bruce is investigating what can be done to extend the stage into the room. Steel was donated for a new logo, and Dianne is getting it painted. The floor is (or will be?) cut back, ready to be waxed. Bruce has tuned the piano.

The hall still requires: A repaired safety lock on the fire door (a part is missing); repairs to the steps and ramp; all of which are safety issues that Bruce will approach council about paying for.

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Bruce reports that things are really picking up at the hall now. The Bangalow new year festival (official name?) used the hall to prepare for the event and paid for glass which is going to be used to repair windows.

Bruce was encouraged to keep a day-book so that the rest of the committee is more informed of who is using the hall, and how they are contributing.

There are weekly Friday gatherings happening with Chai and music at 3pm.

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January 7, 2002


It is good to see the increased usage, but there were some concerns about accountability - that the rest of the commitee didn't know exactly what is going on - who is using it - how much money or in-kind contributions recieved etc. We discussed deposits, and keeping a daybook. Decisions were left to the next meeting since Bruce was still away. (Left over from the last meeting - Bruce to get a list of items needed for the hall, and to coordinate with council about septic leak and fire issues).

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December 3, 2001


We are open to the hall being used by members for some kind of weok-trade. The phone number on the hall has been changed from Ed's to Bruce's. The hall costs us about $420/year for insurance and $200 for our share of the electricity which needs to be covered somehow. There were issues around the Lapidary club not paying in a timely fashion and it was agreed to charge them for the work required to chase them up.

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There is now some use of it happening. There are concerns over fire issues and Bruce will liase with Colin over them. Bruce will also get the list of items needed to Mitra. There is a leak of some sort around the septic system for council's toilets and council will be approached about this.

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October 15, 2001


One booking for December 8th. We agreed to make the hall available to a group doing preparation for New Years Eve (note this is NOT a New Years Eve party *at* the hall). Bruce proposes to do a puppet show and arrange a regular acoustic jam Saturday early evenings, this would be arranged as some form of work trade with the musicians etc.

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September 3, 2001


Bruce is organizing getting the Tyagarah Hall back into a state where it can be used, sorry but my notes are incomplete about exactly what is planned.

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August 6, 2001


Bruce has done an extensive study of the Hall and gave his report re amount of repairs needed, suggested we go ahead with the placing of Logo on wall and work "Bıs" to be organised.

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July 2, 2001


The hall is one of the groups key assets, but is in dire need of some TLC and to be used more. Bruce volunteered to take over looking after the hall, and looking for ways to make money from it.

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