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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

Articles on topic "Greenhouse" ...

October 31, 2002

Energy Saving Light Bulbs at the Lowest Prices Through Climate Friendly

Q.  What gives a 650% return on investment and helps slow climate change
A.  An energy saving light bulb : It saves energy, saves money and
cuts greenhouse gas emissions.

Buy some today at special TSCA prices and help save our climate

The compact fluorescent bulb is the same size as a standard light bulb and is
best used in location where lights are used the most. They suit most rooms such
as offices, kitchen, lounge etc.. They work best when the light fitting shields
the bulb, such as in deep or enclosed light fittings. Examples are chinese paper
lanterns and hat style light fittings which shield the bulb from direct view.

Energy Savings and Financial Benefits

·       Each bulb uses 80% less power and lasts
up to 8 times longer than ordinary light bulbs.

·       For a $32.50 investment, 5 bulbs will
save you $240 in power bills over the life of the bulbs.

·       The net profit is $210, which is a
650% return on the original investment.

·       The added benefit is not having to
change light bulbs for years.
·       If they
were used widely across Australia, they could prevent a new coal fired power
station being built.


Energy saving light bulbs are available to Tyagarah Sustainable Community
Alliance members at these low

prices :-
1: $9.90
2: 10% discount 3: 20% discount $7.90
4: 30%

5 or more: 35% discount $6.50

These prices are subsidized by Climate Friendly. If you don’t need the
subsidy to make a purchase, then this option is available.

To order or enquire, reply to this email or call Joel Fleming at Climate
Friendly on 66847002

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July 11, 2002

Green Power survey

(from Joel) Peter Hallywell Country Energy is doing a market survey to see if there are enough customers for a 100% green product, eg wind and solar only. It would cost more than their current product (Wind 38%, Sugar cane waste 36%, Low impact hydro 25%). Country Energy’s green products has got better because it now owns windfarms at crookwell and blainey, two of the biggest wind farms in Australia. My feeling is that Country Energy’s green power product is as good as most on offer, except for products like Orions 100% wind. We could

  • Transfer to Orion, Victoria 100% wind
  • ...or... Lobby Country Energy to make 100% wind available here as they own the wind generators.

I told him that as well as environmental benefit there would be substantial PR benefit in making available of 100% wind product in the northern rivers. He will advise survey results in 6 weeks. He will take our interest into account in deciding whether to make it available

(Not enough interest to pursure)

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July 1, 2002

Green Power

Joel has up to date obtained information on green power
schemes and has sent to members. He has found genuine green power is
available. Origin Energy, Inland Energy. Country Energy is better than it used
to be as it now includes very significant amounts of wind power. We hope to
offer members option of moving to green power in the coming

This didn't happen - there was not enough interest from people in taking this up

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June 4, 2002

Green Power review

a link to full report

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June 3, 2002

Green Power

Joel is investigating to see if it is possible to do a group deal with any
of the Green Power suppliers

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May 6, 2002

Green Power

Joel has produced a summary of Green Power suppliers from www.greenpower.com.au/go/suppliers

A quick summary

  • Country energy seems middle of the pack.
  • Origin offers 100% wind, not yet available here
  • Integral has very high solar component, not yet available here
  • Inland energy looks pretty good  : very high wind component
  • Cost of each would need analysis

More info is attached ...

Continue reading "Green Power"

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April 28, 2002

Green Power

Renew * had an article analyzing green power suppliers, a few getting good marks. None of them are available in our area. Inland Energy got a fair rating and we can buy from them.


  1. They are better than northpower, but not the best aren’t available here yet. Inland Energy is better and available, but is not as highly rated as some.
  2. Transmission losses which are implied from long distance power purchase, even if net two way purchase cancels out over time, but not necessarily on a daily basis.

I’m not that convinced its worth it yet. But it shouldn’t be long before something satisfactory is available here. It would be ideal if northpower offered a 100% solar/wind option given the customer base in northern rivers

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April 16, 2002

Booklets and Information

Joel has have some greenhouse booklets "A home guide to reducing energy
costs and greenhouse gases". This has practical information about what you can
do to limit climate change. If anyone would like to borrow the info, please
contact Joel 66847002.

Why is action to prevent or limit climate change important ? Many natural ecosystems are threatened by climate change, including our barrier reef.

Below is a link to news release about likely damage to the barrier reef from El Nino and climate change. http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99992164

Some extracts follow :-

Thomas Goreau, president of the Global Coral Reef Alliance in Chappaqua, New York, and an adviser to the UN Environment Programme says he has received reports in recent days of bleached, dead coral across much of the South Pacific, including Tahiti, the Cook Islands, New Caledonia and Fiji.

"It will take a long time before we have full confirmation of the magnitude of the disaster," he said. "But when it is all in, I predict we will have confirmation that almost all corals across the entire South Pacific have died in the last few months."

The bleaching follows record sea temperatures since the beginning of the year. "Almost all the Great Barrier Reef was 2°C or more above normal for more than two months from early January to mid-March,"says Goreau. "This was hotter and longer than the bleaching that wiped out the Maldives, Seychelles and western Australian reefs in 1998."

The high temperatures appear to be connected to the likely onset of a new El Nińo, which also caused the bleaching in 1998.

But Goreau says global warming is a key underlying factor. "It means reefs are already under stress before El Nińo start," he said.

Donne told New Scientist that "there has been little
mortality of corals yet". But Goreau says: "Catastrophic mortality will
certainly have taken place."

See "File"

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February 4, 2002

Green Power

Joel is still looking at bulk-buying Green power from the area, especially
since with the deregulation of Jan 1st, there are now competing Green Power
companies available.

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January 7, 2002

Green Power

Joel and Michael are looking at bulk-buying Green power from the area, especially since with the deregulation of Jan 1st, there are now competing Green Power companies available.

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Joel and Michael are doing a commercial project on Greenhouse reduction, no longer a TSCA project.

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July 2, 2001

Greenhouse Gases

The significance of household greenhouse emissions was discussed as were some options for households to reduce emissions. Also discussed was an idea involving purchasing carbon credits to offset personal or family greenhouse emissions. If this can be done, it creates the possibility of greenhouse neutral households, cars and less greenhouse intensive potentially neighbourhoods. By developing a network a greenhouse neutral citizens and businesses it is possible to foster a less greenhouse intensive local economy. Community input through a discussion group will be sought as the project plan is developed.

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May 3, 2001

Working to reduce Greenhouse gas, or getting us onto Greenpower

(Joel & Michael)
The association will put pressure on NorthPower to improve their environmental practices and make them aware that the current practices impact on their image and are an impediment to the uptake of their GreenPower products by association members. If we receive a commitment to consultation and the principle of encouraging underground power and minimization of clearing, we might join the program

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