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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

Articles on topic "Beach" ...

December 22, 2004

Beach update - patrols, and other initiatives

The initiatives we decided on at the community meeting on 15th November to reclaim Tyagarah Beach as a safe community beach are in progress. These will be trialled until early February. We now have a contact number which can be given out to anyone who wants information or to help. 041 555 7709

If you prefer to avoid mobile charges, just leave your name and number and you‚ll get a call back.

We estimate that it will take 2-3 months to make a lasting difference, provided that there is pro-active support from the community. There isn‚t a group taking care on behalf of the wider community, just individual community members coming together to try to make the beach safe again. Regardless of whether the beach remains clothing optional or not, the beach is now on the map for the perverts. Many women have stories of sexual harassment on beaches that are not clothing optional. The remoteness, and the opportunity, is still likely to keep those men coming here unless there is a concerted effort to deter them. So please help if you can.

February will be time for a review and a community decision to retain the clothing optional status of the beach or make a submission to the council for it to be removed.

In the meantime it was agreed at the second public meeting to encourage people to stay within the official clothing optional zone, 200m south of the car park track, to limit the trouble spot. Please support our effort by being tolerant if you are nude outside this area, and asked to put your clothes on, or move into the designated area.

How you can help∑. The volunteer patrollers will start this week, and will also distribute the leaflets Dorset put together. We need support from other members of the community and would like to invite you to give 1and1/2-2 hours of your time once or more a week. Patrollers will operate in pairs within a basic protocol of nonviolence and safety first, acting as a community presence, and calling the police to attend if someone is behaving in a particularly unnerving or offensive manner.

For more information please call us on 041 555 7709

Or email us on tyagarahbeach@yahoo.com.au

Come to the community picnic days on Tyagarah Beach and join together in re-establishing a community presence, by coming together to feast, swim play and walk. We need someone to set the dates and publicise them by putting an ad in the Echo Pin Ups(which is free), and making a flyer to go out to our email list , and around Brunswick, Mullum etc..This is simple once you have the wording, and you can ask for help with the distribution. Please contact us on 041 555 7709 or tyagarahbeach@yahoo.com.au

Material support-We would like some support to cover our expenses. If you are unable to participate actively this would be another way you could help. Please send donations to- Julie Thomas Tyagarah Account.

At P.O. box 1080, Byron Bay 2481.

The co-ordinator desperately needs the loan of a computer or laptop with LCD screen, and a printer. Or someone to receive handwritten notes\flyers and type them in for circulation when needed.

The Volunteer patrollers need a beach shelter, and a table and umbrella which will pack away into a car. These can be a loan and don‚t need to be too special, anything will do. Contact details as above.

Byron shire safety plan-Jan Barham has Requested that all those who have been on the receiving end of sexual harassment or unnerving behaviour, or if you simply no longer feel safe or comfortable on the beach, please email us at tyagarahbeach@yahoo.com.au This includes the men too. Please say how your enjoyment of the beach has been affected, and what has contributed to that. You can ask for your name to be with-held if you wish to protect your privacy. This information will be included in a submission that will help Jan to make appropriate decisions for the beach in the Byron Shire safety plan. A similiar safety plan resulted in the $50,000 grant to street cruise.

Please report incidents to the police. Calls to Byron Bay police station 66859499 are no longer referred to Mullumbimby or Brunswick Heads, and we have had the feedback that the police are responding much faster. Take your mobile phone to the beach with you. By law, offensive behaviour is that which is offensive to any reasonable or subjected person. You don‚t have to follow it through the courts unless you choose to.

Police patrols-Police are now patrolling the beach and lakes regularly, on foot and four wheel drive. Policing is allocated by statistics. The public meeting called for plain clothes(!) patrols but due to the large number of people who don‚t report, or who gave up because being referred to Brunswick or Mullum wasn‚t effective, there aren‚t enough incidents of police attendance at the beach recorded to receive permission from the Police Commissioner for such support. If you report and the police arrive, that‚s one more statistic towards more support in future.

Dunecare project-Sue Walker,Area Manager NPWS, is open to community presence in the form of a landcare project. This project would close off the dunes as a regeneration area , and people would be working there. This can move forward if interested people volunteer, and a qualified person to lead the team in co-operation with NPWS. If this appeals to you, please phone 041 555 7709

Or email tyagarahbeach@yahoo.com.au

To register your name.

If you have an idea or initiativeof your own that you would like to follow through with, please contact us at

Wishing us all a safe, free, and comfortable beach,

Rani, on behalf of the Tyagarah Beach Team

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November 5, 2004

Northern Star article: "Get the pervs off our beach"

There is an article in the 5th November Northern Star about the perverts on Tyagarah beach.

See "File"

Continue reading "Northern Star article: "Get the pervs off our beach""

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September 11, 2004

Leaflet about beach conviction

A leaflet has been produced to inform beach visitors - you can download and copy it from the website and distribute it next time you go to the beach .... best way is to set your print options to 2 pages per sheet, and then you'll get A5 leaflets.

-- Yeah --
one of the perverts on this beach got convicted recently, lets get the rest
It works – take photos, get number plates, Call: the police on 6684-2144 *; and NPWS on 6680-8977,
guys: keep your eyes out for women in trouble
women: don’t be afraid to ask for help
together: we can make it safe and fun for all of us!
The Tyagarah Sustainable Community Alliance, is keeping track of reported incidents, please email us baywatch2@tyagarah.org

(don’t bother with 000, they don’t know where Tyagarah is!)

See "File"

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December 3, 2003

Marine Park

The Marine Park issue obviously concerns us. There were concerns about the confusion - some of it based on lack of information from NPWS and others seemingly deliberately spread to obscure the issues. We resolved to write a letter to NPWS and possibly put in the Echo asking for clearer information. Points for the letter included:

  • We support scientific evaluation of what level of fishing is appropriate for the area.
  • We think its a good idea, and believe that most of the area agree, to remove some uses from the area, specifically: Spear Fishing; Jet Skiing; Trap Fishing; Trawling of breeding grounds; Sand dredging; Vehicles on the beach and Commercial netting off the beach.
  • We are supportive of other uses specifically: Recreational fishing on the beach provided its at a sustainable level.
  • We think it important to focus the debate on the few controversial issues such as dogs on the beach.
  • We are concerned that the estuaries - Belongil and Brunswich River - are not adequately covered.

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August 21, 2003

Beach and Nature Reserve

Dianne received a comprehensive reply from the managers of National Parks and Marine parks (scanned copy on the web site), going through all her points. There is no further development planned for the reserve, and there are going to be increased patrols to address the dogs and sexual harassment.

The whole letter is worth a read and is scanned.

See "File"

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July 10, 2003

Harasser prosecuted

The man reported to the police about 9 or 10 months ago for harassment at the beach was recently convicted.

It was felt that this should be more widely publicised, so that people were encouraged to report harassment, and that potential harassers were warned of the consequence to their reputation.

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April 19, 2003

Beach Fees

The daily-fee board is up at the Nature Reserve, at the moment (April 23rd) there are no envelopes so they can't be enforcing it, the fee is $5 per visit, or $20 annually. It was quick and easy to purchase an annual pass on the net from http://www.npws.nsw.gov.au .

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April 1, 2003

Parking tickets issued at the beach

Residents of the area might like to know that NPWS has started ticketing
people for parking at Tyagarah Beach without paying the $5 fee. The annual pass
is only $20 ($16 for seniors). It can be got over the phone on 1300-361-967 or
on www.npws.nsw.gov.au

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