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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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March 30, 2005

Echo: Talks begin on Tyagarah venue plans

Consultants for the East
Coast Blues and Roots Music
Festival Pty Ltd met with
residents of Tyagarah and
Council representatives
recently to discuss plans for a
concert venue behind the
Tyagarah service station.

Attempts to reach Peter
Noble from the Blues Festival
were unsuccessful and his
consultants declined to comment
on the issue or the matters
discussed at the community
consultation meeting.
The Echo understands that
the purpose of the meeting
was to define residents’ objections
to the concert venue.
Following the community
consultation session, the Tyagarah
Sustainable Community
Alliance called a meeting
of local residents to assess
reaction to the proposal.

‘Residents were overwhelmingly
in agreement
with their desire to stop the
development in its tracks
before it proceeded any further.
Concerns included loss
of neighbourhood amenity
and safety, unsavoury uses of
surrounding land, traffic,
effect on surrounding wildlife
and reserve, noise and light
pollution. Residents felt that
the kind of tourism such a
venue would bring would
only contribute to the growing
party atmosphere of the
Byron area,’ the Tyagarah
Sustainable Community Alliance
said in a press release.

‘What we need is a community
owned and operated
cultural events centre that
serves the community and
hosts appropriately-sized
events that benefi t local residents
and businesses,’ said
Tyagarah resident, Isaac Shapiro.
‘Not a corporately
owned mega venue.’

Councillor Tom Tabart
who attended the public
meeting last week told The
Echo, ‘I was quite happy initially
with the proposal to
move the Blues Festival providing
the site could be
proved to be environmentally
and socially acceptable for
the purpose. But they lost my
support when they expanded
their plans to describe it as a
major events site with permanent
buildings and four or
more major events a year.’

‘I oppose it on the grounds
that it is an imposition on
locals, but also I have grave
concerns about the traffic
and the impact on the small
towns of Brunswick Heads
and Mullumbimby of anything
up to 3,000 campers.
As we are reassessing our
tourist structure to make it
more family friendly, I don’t
think this is an appropriate

A development application
for the proposed venue has
not yet been lodged as studies
are still under way.

Posted at March 30, 2005 12:00 AM

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