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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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February 15, 2005

Echo: Bluesfest on the move?

The Blues and Roots Festival
promoters are investigating
a site in Tyagarah as a
new venue for their annual

‘We have been having
meetings with Byron Shire
Council for fi ve years to fi nd
a land site, but there are not
a lot of suitable sites,’ said
one of the festival’s directors
Peter Noble.

The 400 acre tea tree farm,
which The Echo understands
has not yet been purchased,
lies to the east of the Pacifi c
Highway behind the
Tyagarah service station. Mr
Noble confi rmed that a fl ora
and fauna study and a noise
impact study had been
undertaken by his company.

‘The Tyagarah site has the
least amount of impact to
the least amount of people in
the Shire,’ said Mr Noble.
‘It is 400 acres right beside
the highway and there are
less than fi ve houses in the
immediate area.’

While a move away from
the Red Devils ground
would be welcomed by some
Byron Bay residents the
Tyagarah community has
voiced its concern about the
possible impact on the

The Tyagarah Progress
Association wrote to
residents recently expressing
their fears about the impact
on the surrounding area,
which they say has been
exacerbated by plans by
Dieter Horstman to host
festivals at his Tyagarah

In the letter, association
president Kali Wendorf says
the Blues Festival promoters
have been given an ‘unoffi cial
green light’ by Council for
the Tyagarah site, a claim
Mayor Jan Barham says is
not true.

In December last year
Festival directors, Peter
Noble, Michael Chugg and
Glenn Wheatley, met with
Councillors and staff to
discuss the suitability of the
Tyagarah location. ‘We told
them they must go through
all the proper investigations
and before they submit a
development application
they have to consult with the
community,’ said Jan Barham
on Friday. ‘I believe at the
moment they are trying to
gather information on the
site prior to going to the

Locations in Ballina and
Tweed Shires have also been
considered as alternative
venues, said Mr Noble, ‘we
have even looked at moving
to the Woodford site. We
won’t be staying at the rugby
league ground much longer
...but we could go anywhere

‘The Blues Festival is a
shining beacon in this area
and it's time for the
community to say they want
a site for these events,’ Mr
Noble said.

Kali Wendorf agrees that
the Shire needs a concert
venue. ‘There is a need for a
venue for cultural and
smaller concerts. Events
which reflect the cultural
landscape of this community.
My concern is that bigger
events are going to come in
that make the bottom line
work but those events are
where the amenity of the
Tyagarah community and in
fact the whole of Byron Shire
could be compromised.’
Mr Noble has accused the
Tyagarah Progress Association
of creating a storm in a
tea cup, however Ms Wendorf
told The Echo ‘When
the community is not notified all we have left is speculation.
For a community not
to be contacted at this stage
for something this big is not
conducive to trust.’

Meanwhile, Dieter Horstmann
says he is talking to a
group of promoters about a
New Year’s Eve event on his
Tyagarah Farm.

‘I want my place to be used
for open air functions and to
see how it is accepted by the
community,’ he told The
Echo. In 2001 Mr Horstmann
lodged a DA for a
7,000 patron Bob Dylan
concert. The application was
withdrawn when the RTA
objected to the concert
because of traffic issues,
however Mr Horstmann says
he will lodge another application
when plans for the
New Year’s Eve concert are

Posted at February 15, 2005 12:00 AM

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