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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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November 5, 2004

Northern Star article: "Get the pervs off our beach"

There is an article in the 5th November Northern Star about the perverts on Tyagarah beach.

See "File"



HARASSED: Concerned residents pictured at Tyagarah Beach.

Get the pervs off our beach



TYAGARAH residents have had enough of perverts on their beach and they want police and council help to Ďclean up the dunesí.

Schoolteacher Belinda Fleming, who is a regular at the beach, said while she had no problem with nudity, she was fed up with fearing sexual harassment when she went for a swim. Ms Fleming said two years ago a man had lain down beside her towel and masturbated while she was swimming.

A week later the same man circled her nude while she was exercising.

"I rang my husband. He came down and we called the police," she said.

"The man was charged and convicted and heís just appealed his conviction a second time."

Byron Shire Councilís compliance director, Chris Pratt, said under the Local Government Act there was nothing the council could do to redress the situation other than overturn its Ďclothing optionalí status.

Ms Fleming said with summer coming she feared there would be an increase in Ďunsavoury behaviourí at the beach.

She said she supported the beachís clothing optional status, but the council and the police had a responsibility to assist locals in ensuring it was a safe place to be.

She said most local women had stories of sexual ha- rassment at the beach, but sharing tales over cups of tea was not productive.

"Itís imperative we call the police every time thereís an incident," she said.

"I know itís difficult to make the call, but we have to.

"Itís an invasion and Iím tired of women saying they feel prickles up their spine here.

"Letís not wait until something dreadful happens for us to do something about it."

Inspector Owen King, of Byron Bay police, urged people to report offensive behaviour.

He said just one or two incidents had been reported last summer.

"We investigate all calls and take them very seriously," he said.

"We get very, very few complaints about Tyagarah and encourage people to report any unacceptable be- haviour there."



Posted at November 5, 2004 12:00 AM

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