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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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May 20, 2003

Rubbish Collection (East Tyagarah)

There has been some progress on the Rubbish Collection issue after a number of communications between Joel and Russell Chaplin at council russell.chaplin@byron.nsw.gov.au

Joel is encouraging people to email back to Russell, and state
1: How much waste you generate (be clear if it is full-bins, or split-bins)
2: How frequently you would like collection
3: Preference for dual-bin (one for trash, one recycling) or split-bin system.
Any other key issues.

Extracts from some of the correspondance is attached ...

Sample reply from Ed and Wendy to Russell Chaplin at Council

YOUR REFERENCE: ENG450000 x 5810/#388093

I respond to your letter offering my wife and I a weekly collection service of a standard 240 litre split wheelie bin at a current cost of $185.00 per annum.

We hereby confirm that we would like to take up this service as soon as possible.

In saying this, should we find that one split bin does not provide a waste only compartment that is large enough to contain all our week waste products, would Council consider offering either of the following options:

  • An additional split bin on request thus 2 bins would be collected weekly OR
  • A separate waste bin and a separate collection bin.

If we understand correctly, the waste collection truck is setup to collect split bins only. If that is the case, again we confirm our acceptance of the split bin service offered by Council. However, we would like the option to have a second split bin if necessary subject to the annual cost of such additional bin.

and from Joel

I respond to your letter offering weekly collection service of a standard 240 litre split wheelie bin at a current cost of $185.00 per annum.

We would like to take up this service as soon as possible.

We currently have two separate bins, collected once per fortnight. If there is any choice now or in the future, we would however like to register that a two bin system would be our preference. We also understand that this is the preference of Gondwana residents, who will be submitting a response also.

Thankyou for organizing this survey and we look forward to the service. I know from my initial survey that there is broad community support for this service.

Did you have a general estimate of when it might start, assuming it gets the go ahead ?

Would you mind to advise how you will deal with, for example, one objection amongst majority support, in a way which doesn’t get them off side & can the progress association help in this regard ? There is one neighbour who has a very low waste stream and would like to opt out. Is such an option possible ?

Russell response to Joel 19 May

Thanks for your email. We will be looking at a number of alternative systems, the two bin system being one of them. I'll let you know what the outcome of the survey is.

Posted at May 20, 2003 12:00 AM

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