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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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April 14, 2003

Law suit progress, and fund raising

Kali (by email):
- The people living at Mevlana want to be part of the suit - Soul will be the contact to them.
- Unless you are intending to hire Alan Cowley (the lawyer at Stone & Partners) on a personal basis, for a personal claim against the RTA, he would prefer we use the channels of either Kali or Rikki to communicate through..
- COMPENSATION ISSUE Alan Cowley states that if someone would like to receive compensation from the RTA in the form of A/C and double glaze etc. that "technically" once you sign the waiver from the RTA stating you will not take legal action, then it is unlawful to participate in this action. However, if one chooses to accept compensation then they give $100 to the BEA (Byron Environmental Association) no one will really know about it and it will not affect how the overall suit goes. However it does mean that you will exclude yourself from being a potentially valuable witness. It was stressed however, to see that the power bill to run an a/c for one year will far exceed the price of a new a/c!  And in this climate the A/C will have to be replaced in at least 7 years. Rikki and Bernard have double glaze, a/c and double brick walls....they say it makes no difference to the really loud sounds that peg out over all the others. So a long winded way to say, make up your own mind. However, personally I see that we are all much better off sticking together and ignoring their pleas to compensate us in some way. Alan also said, if they are willing to compensate AT ALL, then these offerings are just the beginning and would more than likely be willing to give much more.  He sees it all the time, one neighbor says yes to a/c and the next one pushes for more and in 3 years gets $10,000.00 and then the neighbor with the A/C doesn't understand what happened....so you never know. His point was, push for all you can get.

We need volunteers for fund-raising. Please everyone, get down to Marilyn's (the Servo) and buy tickets for the fund-raiser, I'm going to attach the flyer. Also we need some volunteers to knock on doors and raise money. At the moment we've got Gondwana and Mevlana covered, we need volunteers for Andersons Hill, Grays Lane, Kennedys lane etc etc. Kali said she got $200 in just one day of seeing people around town. Checks can be made out to "Byron Environmental Association" and can be dropped off at Marilyn's.

Posted at April 14, 2003 12:00 AM

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