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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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March 13, 2003

Joel's meeting with Tom Wilson about mediation with RTA

Kali has been in touch with the RTA about getting Tony and Amit onto the Task Force, neither of them have heard anything about it yet.

Joel had met with Tom Wilson about the noise, who had suggested that he (Tom) put together a small meeting between TSCA and RTA, we decided this was a good idea, and suggested that it be Tony, Kali, Amit and Debbie. The idea is that this would happen in parallel with pursuing legal action and the task force.

It was also agreed to pursue trying to get independent noise readings given that the RTA readings certainly have some questions as to their validity.

Joel's letter about his meeting is below.
Meeting Tom Wilson and Joel Fleming 13/3/2003 at Byronian Cafe

Tom Wilson was absolutely under the impression Ocean Shores meeting was for Ocean Shores residents. I donít know how his understanding and ours are so different. He genuinely found the meeting impossible with so many cross issues.

Strongly feels that negotiating with RTA should be with individual groups, like TSCA, not coalitions. (Joelís comment : We could do this if we retained the coalition for class action. Eg We negotiate as individual groups but also let RTA, at the right time know, that we the progress alliance is considering a class action.

Process proposed, supported by Tom Wilson

To conduct a moderated meeting with RTA, Bob Higgins etc and Tyagarah group.

Only if participants can be respectful. I feel it is vital for success that we all be respectful to other participants, or we lose any good will.

The moderated meeting is similar to the one (as was done with impact of high voltage transmission system in Mullumbimby)

Note that this is overlap between this and consultative committee which I think Amit is on. We need to consider how the two relate and how to proceed.

Proposed Steps

Š TSCA writes a letter to both Tom Wilson and Bob Higgins RTA, proposed moderated meeting between RTA and TSCA, with Tom as moderator.
Š TSCA nominates some 6-7 Tyagarah/Andersons Hill representatives
Š At the meeting(s), the first step is to define the central noise issues and related issues like what the relevant legislation is.
Š Negotiate a process for addressing these issues in a rational agreed way. Eg TSCA proposes independent noise consultants, selected by community, paid for by RTA, who reports to us & RTA.
Š Results to be reviewed against relevant noise standards
Š We negotiate with RTA about remedies, mindful that RTA is only obliges to act where noise exceeds regulatory requirements. Still, we would push for a solution which the community supported, eg resurfacing, rather than glassing people into their homes.

We have discussed something like this before & Iím not sure where itís up to. I feel that we can participate in this without at all changing our commitment to the Byron Progress Alliance class action. We can just make the class actions conditional on the outcome of the negotiations. Consultation is probably worthwhile.

TSCA needs committed noise affected people to manage the noise issue

For this issue to progress it is vital that those most affected by the noise drive this process. We need to people to commit to running this process. This would primarily be people from Andersons Hill and near Tyagarah Service station.

Whether this is the way TSCA wants to proceed is for the group to decide.

Posted at March 13, 2003 12:00 AM

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