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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

September 22, 2003

Roads - Letter to RTA's CEO

Kali has sent a letter to the CEO of the RTA, with copies to Carl Scully, Tom Wilson and Don Page with concerns about the lack of action on noise and safety. Its uploaded ...

See "File"

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September 11, 2003

Wildlife and Revegetation - Flora and Fauna List

A flora and fauna list has been produced for Gondwana , it might be interesting to other people in the area, and is here...

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Wildlife and Revegetation - Wildlife Corridor

Dianne has put together a letter to landowners, to go with the submission to council on the wildlife corridor, with a basic intent of prioritising reveg support on the areas of land that could be part of that corridor. its on the website - www.tyagarah.org

Colin mentioned how the Koala's are crossing now at the large gap in the koala fence on the frontage road opposite the airstrip. One was hit last week. and another was assisted off the road today after the traffic was flagged down.

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Admin - AGM Announcement

The next meeting will be Thursday 9th October, 7:30pm at the hall, the first part will be our AGM, and there will be a few formalities to go through.
* if you wish to nominate anyone other than a current officeholder or committee member then please send me email by 2nd October at the latest.
* our accounts will be available for inspection by any member who wishes to do so. Actually they are available anytime, you just have to ask - but at the AGM we'll have them at the meeting.
* if anyone has any other kind of resolution then please email me by that date as well.
The AGM will then be closed and we'll have our normal monthly meeting.

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Admin - Notice board

The material to go on our new notice board stuff was approved, it includes new documents about how we work and our Activities which are on the website. Mitra will post them.

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Roads - Roads

The $18m for highway noise mitigation is being written about in the papers. But it doesn't really cover anything significant for the bulk of Tyagarah residents, just some noise abatement for Tandy's Lane.

The battle isn't over yet, we are still pushing for lower speed limits, and for the resurfacing to be done. There is lots happening, but because it involves law-suits we can't really right about it here.

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September 10, 2003

Wildlife and Revegetation - Wildlife Corridor - Thankyou to landowners

Dianne sent this thankyou to landowners for participating in the wildlife corridor planning

Thank you for being part of the proposed Tyagarah
Wildlife and Vegetation Corridor, which has just been
submitted to Council. Although it may seem a small and
unimportant thing right now, can you envisage the
results for Tyagarah 20, 50 or 100 years in the
future? Can you picture a landscape lush with
paperbark swamps and forests of the teaks, cedars,
tallowwoods and red gums that earlier generations cut
down and never replaced? Can you picture the return of
the forests that serve many purposes, as habitat for
our endangered native animals and smaller plants, as
high quality timber for our children's and
grand-children's furniture, building and income, as
landscape beautifiers and purifiers of our air and
water, all at a time when the world's forests are
severely diminished? Can you imagine koalas having
their babies in your back yard, and the songs of
hundreds of different kinds of native birds and frogs?

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September 9, 2003

Admin - Letterhead copying problems

Dianne is finding problems with the Letterhead, which doesn't photocopy well.

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