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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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July 29, 2002

Formation of Noise Action Group (NAB)

When the RTA proposed the upgrade of the Pacific Highway,
they told us that noise would be decreased. Most residents would agree that this
is not the case and that we are experiencing a substantial increase in noise.

The Tyagarah Sustainable Community Alliance has written to
the RTA with no reply, so we had our lawyer write to them and still no reply.
Now it’s time to get together and decide what further action we can

Their own documents state that where they are
redeveloping an existing road their aim is to not increase noise by more than
2db. Their documents also state that random groove concrete (which they have
used in the Tyagarah to Tandys Lane upgrade) is 4.5db louder than open-faced

color=#003300 size=4>Increase in decibels
Actual increase in Sound
or 2.8 times the original sound intensity

face=Symbol color=#003300 size=4>
causes sound intensity 180% higher, or 2.8 times bitumen, by their own figures

face=Symbol color=#003300 size=4>

4.5db increase involves a very large increase in sound intensity.
The human ear is more sensitive to changes in low intensity
. So, humans are quite sensitive to an increase in noise, when
the initial, or reference, noise level is fairly low.

This is an
increase, which impacts on our quality of life, it has a cost, and RTA has
imposed that cost on us, for the sole purpose of saving themselves

The RTA have had ‘noise experts’ visit those that they
have to do something for and are in the process of assessing
what they will do for these people, then they will ask them to sign a waiver,
before doing the work.' We did not move here to live in double glazed,
air-conditioned boxes with a water feature outside the bedroom window, lamely
trying to drown out the noise of trucks roaring down the

If you are unhappy with this situation and feel that
the additional noise resulting from the highway upgrade is unacceptable, please
attend a meeting to discuss this issue on Thursday 22 size=1>nd August at 7pm in the Tyagarah
. Together we may be able to make a difference as their
own documents also state that the community needs to be provided ‘with a
transparent decision-making process’ and that ‘any noise mitigation measures
shall be developed in consultation with affected

If you have received a ‘Noise Assessment
Summary Data’ for your property, could you please photocopy it and bring it

We would also suggest that you don’t sign any RTA
noise wavers before the meeting.

While people may be quite
unhappy about the freeway noise, we do encourage people to come to the meeting
in a cooperative and positive community spirit, in the hope that we can achieve
more a coordinated effective group.

If you cannot attend but
are interested in being part of this group please email {deleted}
or leave your contact details at the Tyagarah Service

Debbie Sharp
Joel Fleming
Progress Association
Tyagarah Sustainable Community

Posted at July 29, 2002 12:00 AM

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