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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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June 4, 2002

Frontage Road

Ed has raised concerns over the new 100km sign on the frontage road,

It has been suggested that he write a letter - and circulate it here before it goes to the RTA

Ed 3/06/2002
You or others may already be aware that our Service Road from Grays Lane to Tyagarah Servo is a 100KM/H area. It only recently came to my notice.

A 100KM/H Speed Limit Sign is erected and clearly displayed on the east side of the Service Road located just south of the Tyagarah Service Station ( see photo attached - For Reference purposes it was taken 3pm Monday 3rd June 2002 ).

I am stunned. "The roadworkers have innocently fitted the wrong speed sign."

1. 100KM/H limt for a "backroad" that was constructed to provide a safe environment for drivers, push bike riders and walkers who otherwise would have had to utilise the Pacific Highway if the service road was not created.

2. 100KM/H limit for a "backroad" that provides a safe haven for our school children who 5 days of the week catch the bus in the morning and who get off the bus in the afternoon at various points along the service road.

The RTA would not have been so complacent in their judgement and intentionally designate a 100KM/H speed limit within the Service Road?"

That is what came to mind.

Personally, I feel 70KM/H is TOPS, 60KM/H is worth considering in terms of additional safety.

I would like to present this letter for urgent attention as the current 100KM/H zone is dangerous to all who use the road. I am more than happy for this letter to be forwarded to the appropriate RTA department for review of the speed zone.

How does the rest of the community feel about this issue?

Joel: 3/06/2002
Agree that 100k is not rational & letter to RTA worthwhile.

The double bend in the service road near the Grays Lane intersection add further reasons why 100k is wrong.

Additionally, the long grass that grows due to poor maintenance of side roads : RTA usually abandon side roads (see the old pacific hwy between Kennedy’s Lane and the byron turnoff has 1.5 metre grass encroaching onto the road and is getting dangerous.

Colin: 3/06/2002
I never exceed 80 along this stretch for by the time I get up to speed it's time to slow down again! must be my age catchting up ( slow to start and quick to stop).
70 sounds plenty to me but an example of a similar circumstance might help our case, anyone know of one?

Kali 4/06/2002
Personally I feel you are right...I agree a letter should be put forth...one from you would be perfect. Let's get a consensus...

Mitra 4/06/2002
I agree, Ed can write the letter and it can go out on TSCA letterhead (if a draft is circulated first).

Posted at June 4, 2002 12:00 AM

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