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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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May 12, 2002

S94 Application

As announced we had a meeting Thursday about the pre-1993 Section 94 contributions. 9 people were there (Kali, Eric, Bodha, Colin, Ed, Dianne, Bruce and me) Email submissions from Tina and Saroja were also considered.

Colin explained more about the need to do planning and resolve the outstanding issues from the Pilot Study to turn it into a LAMP. I'm not going to repeat them here since they were covered in the last update. We agreed that this was our preferred use of the S94 funds.

We also discussed a number of projects for "Plan B" and agreed on the following allocation:

Wildlife Corridor plantings - joining up along Simpsons Creek between the woods near the freeway and those on the hill. $2100
Trees along Gray's Lane, looking for fast growing native trees to get a canopy up. $1600
Intensive Planting of the former picnic area around the junction of Grays Lane and the Highway. $1600

Several projects were considered, but rejected because the cost was much greater than $5000 - that included anything like fixing or widening roads.

Other projects had previously been removed from the list because there are other sources of funds for them - these were listed in the last email.

Minutes of that LAMP meeting are attached.

Developing proposals for using S94 funds for the benefit of Tyagarah

Present : Kali, Colin, Mitra, Joel
Apologies : No one apologized for anything
Saturday 12/5/01

1 Action
* Prepare and send email about concept plan and also backup plan for members. Invite to review list and email back whether they support Option A or Option B, and any suggestions for committee. Committee to vote. We will try to ensure West Tyagarah PA members have input.
* Prepare concept plan for presentation to consultant to council
* Also, present proposal to Jan Barham to evaluate likely approval
* PA Meeting Thursday to discuss Option A and B.
* Advice on how we can channel the final outcome into councils legally enforceable planning framework, such as upcoming LEP
* Dinner Jan Barham, David Kanally, Kali & team
* Appointment with Consultant lady, if possible. Alternative if not available ?

2 Planning for Tyagarah's Future-Option A

Proposal for Preparation of Tyagarah Local Area Management Plan (LAMP)

While the funds could be used for local infrastructure, we might consider whether the funds could best be used to establish an updated local area plan. To avoid haphazard planning outcomes, we need a clear planning document accepted by council as representing the vision of the community for the locality.

A great deal of effort went into the Pilot Study and in principal residents support the findings of East Tyagarah Pilot Study. We feel though that it needs revision and further detail to make it truly effective in ensuring that planning documents accurately reflects the vision of the local community.

Additionally, council is about to start work on a new Byron Shire Local Environmental Plan (LEP). The preparation of a new planning document for Tyagarah would create the ideal way for current residents to have input into the new LEP process.

Even if council does not approve use of the S94 funds for this purpose, a new LAMP is still desirable and in that case we should lobby council to support the project with other funds. The new LEP is expected to cost $100000 and it would be reasonable that some funds were allocated to enable community input via LAMP.

We would like also to establish the concept that :-
While the Pilot Study relates to East Tyagarah, the concept's we develop in the updated plan are also applicable to West Tyagarah. If possible the study should be extended to include West Tyagarah. Alternatively, once the study is completed, it can be used as a basis for a similar West Tyagarah study.

Concept plan and LAMP mean one and the same document.

East Tyagarah Pilot Study
Areas where the Pilot Study needs revision or extension.
The list is not intended as a criticism of the Pilot Study, as some of the items were not within the scope of the Pilot Study :-

Although it outlines the residents objectives which remain valid, it does not include :-

* A detailed graphical concept plan for the locality which reflects the communities vision for future development.
* A detailed set of recommendations regarding the type & density of development suitable for each precinct in the locality.
* 5 years out of date
* Raises certain development issues about specific properties, but does not present any suggestions for resolution of those issues.
* Does not cover the document the wildlife corridor identified in other studies. As a result it does not outline any proposed planning controls for protecting it.

Proposal for Preparation of Tyagarah Local Area Management Plan : Key Features
A Detailed Concept Plan for the Locality, representing an integrated vision of the community for the future of our locality. The concept plan would address a range of issues as determined by community input during a consultation process.
An example of the graphical part of the concept plan will be circulated and should be used as the main reference for obtaining a picture of what the concept plan would entail. If this can be scanned it will be circulated by email.
To preserve and enhance the cultural, environmental and economic sustainability of the Tyagarah area.

Specific outcome
To have put in place the necessary planning provisions to ensure that the agreed planning outcomes are achieved, through use of appropriate planning instruments such as Development Control Plan.
Main components of concept plan
* A detailed graphical concept plan for the locality which reflects the communities vision for future development.
* A detailed set of recommendations regarding the issues addressed (see below) including type & density of development suitable for each precinct. The community would be consulted to define the list of key issues to be addressed.

Issues to be addressed, using existing information from the Pilot Study where appropriate
This list to be developed by the community before and during the study.
Some examples
* Bike trails, wildlife corridors, paths for power lines, clusters of low environmental impact residences surrounded by agricultural land, buffers, remnant vegetation and reforestation, recycling collection points, organics composting collection points.
* Support for existing agricultural uses to ensure that agricultural uses remain a viable land use so preserving the rural integrity of the locality. Mechanism to help resolve conflict between agricultural uses and rural residential land holders.

Plan local infrastructure needs
Develop prioritised plan for local infrastructure and potential funding sources : Road signs, bus shelters etc.

Identify range of potential land uses compatible with concept plan, within each precinct

Identify land use incompatible with concept plan

Strategies for achieving identified planning outcomes

Process of developing concept plan
* Funds
Establish availability of adequate funds. S94 may not be adequate.
* Mechanism to ensure agreed outcomes are achieved
Formally plan how such a concept plan would be integrated into councils planning and DA assessment framework. Planner and residents consult with council to identify the appropriate document content given that the aim is to use the document to put in place the planning provisions which ensure that the agreed planning outcomes are achieved.
* Boundaries
Establish boundaries of study
* Precedents
Identify precedents for such a concept plan
* Workshop
Facilitated workshop with community members and a professional facilitator to help establish a common vision and define agreed planning outcomes.
* Document
Planner develops a document detailing the outcome
* Planning provisions
To then put in place the necessary planning provisions to ensure that the agreed planning outcomes are achieved, through use of appropriate planning instruments such as Development Control Plan.

Option B Option list if concept plan option not successful, or a fraction of the funds remain unallocated.
* Pending input of suggestions from West Tyagarah
* Guide posts on Grays Lane-as cue for flood depth
* Flood markers-expensive
* Tree planting along Grays Lane
* Raised white traffic guide in the centre of the Prestons & Grays Lane T-junction, to discourage corner cutting.
* Wildlife corridor from Tyagarah Nature Reserve, along Grays Lane to Simpson's Creek at overpass and west to Myocum. Additional planting in selected areas to expand and possibly link existing remnants.

Things we'd like, but shouldn't have to pay for :-
* Hall improvement-Painting : Colin proposed that Council considers it has a responsibility to maintain it. Independently of this S94 funding, we could propose to council, that if they supply the paint we'll paint it.
* Bus stop - RTA
* Replanting crown land deforested by Dieter-NorthPower should provide seedlings and possibly woodchips.
* Highway sign to discourage compression braking-RTA should pay for this.
* Roadside reserve corner Grays Lane and Pacific Highway-This could benefit from a clean up. We can write RTA and propose this to them, in the context of it being an important part of an identified wildlife corridor running east-west.
* LandCare - reforestation along Simpson's Creek.

Posted at May 12, 2002 12:00 AM

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