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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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February 4, 2002

Over the Back Fence

Partly as a result of the gathering organized by us a few months ago, ACE is sponsoring a series of forums for community groups. The invite is below.

Over the back fence ….. Building on common ground.

We wish to extend an invitation to you and your organisation to participate in an exciting series of workshops which Byron Shire Adult & Community Education (ACE) is sponsoring, starting this month. Please call the ACE office on 6684 3374 to advise your acceptance or reply to this email.

Workshop 1 ~ Sharing Our Stories: Sunday February 17th 2002, 1pm 5pm: Catholic Church Hall, Deacon Street, Bangalow
The focus of the first workshop will be on sharing our experiences of community action in the past and present, and our future visions of community. We’ll be looking for the common themes and issues, and sharing what we’ve learnt from our successes and disappointments.

Workshop 2 ~ Issues and Ideas: Sunday March 17th 2002, 1pm 5pm: St Johns Hall, Main Arm Road, Mullumbimby
In this workshop we’ll listen to the diverse voices that make community and look at how we can work with difference so that it becomes something to be valued rather than a source of conflict. There will be time to share our passions and the things that hold us back, and to exchange “how to” ideas. We’ll finish with thoughts on possible futures “What would it look like if…?”

Workshop 3 ~ Strategies for Co-operation: Sunday April 21st 2002, 1pm 5pm: Byron Bay Surf Club
The final workshop will look at strategies for building a shared community vision. We will pose the question: “What needs to happen to encourage dialogue and build stronger community net-works in Byron Shire?”, and look at practical steps towards mutual support and co-operative action.

While we strongly urge you to participate in the whole series of workshops, it is possible to come to only one or two if you have clashing commitments. However, we particularly ask community groups to be represented at all three workshops, even if by different people. This will assist us all to achieve practical, lasting benefits for the communities we serve.

You and your family are warmly invited to join in a community picnic immediately following each workshop. The organising committee will certainly be doing so. Please bring food and drink to share and whatever picnic paraphernalia you need.

Due to ACE’s wonderful generosity in sponsoring these workshops, there is no registration fee required. You will, however, be given an opportunity to make a donation towards costs if you wish to do so. As with all community activities, whatever support you give is greatly valued. In the same spirit, if you know others who might be interested please let them know and reserve their place by calling ACE.6684-3374

Posted at February 4, 2002 12:00 AM

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