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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

April 28, 2002

Greenhouse - Green Power

Renew * had an article analyzing green power suppliers, a few getting good marks. None of them are available in our area. Inland Energy got a fair rating and we can buy from them.


  1. They are better than northpower, but not the best aren’t available here yet. Inland Energy is better and available, but is not as highly rated as some.
  2. Transmission losses which are implied from long distance power purchase, even if net two way purchase cancels out over time, but not necessarily on a daily basis.

I’m not that convinced its worth it yet. But it shouldn’t be long before something satisfactory is available here. It would be ideal if northpower offered a 100% solar/wind option given the customer base in northern rivers

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April 19, 2002

Documents - Rules

Rules “ a plain English guide” .Mitra introduced the rules and procedures Draft 1.

During the explanation minor changes were proposed and accepted by majority vote to be incorporated into a final draft for registration with the Dept. of Fair Trade, and to be used as our interim rules.

Attached is the Plain English Guide

See "File"

Continue reading "Rules"

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Admin - Blueprint

Joel gave an explanation of the blueprint for how we work (first draft) and it was agreed to continue expanding the detail within same, with suggestions proposed by attendees. Due to the time constraint it was agreed to adopt Blueprint as stands with ability to review same over future meetings.

See "File"

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Admin - Vision and Charter

Vision and charter drafts introduced by Dianne. Discussion followed and
by virtue of support, changes and refinements will be made. Dianne agreed to
work towards a second draft and acceptance of same. A vote was proposed and
passed accepting the charter in the interim.

Continue reading "Vision and Charter"

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Admin - Projects

At last week's meeting we went through a brainstorming process to look for ideas for projects that people present thought would be of interest, and then prioritised these projects, and took names for people who would help coordinate those projects.

The first seven items with the highest priority first were ....

LAMP - Mitra - mitra@earth.path.net and Dianne 6684-8150
Watching development hot spots - Kali kalishapiro@ozemail.com.au & Colin 6684-7106 Highway Noise wall - David & Isabel 6684-7513, Tina - tinabell@lis.net.au
Establishing a Wildlife Corridor - Dianne mooncat@ozemail.com.au & Bodha 6684-7778
Building a relationship with Council - Colin cjgrant@norex.com.au
Working to reduce Greenhouse gas, or getting us onto Greenpower - Joel jbflemng@mullum.com.au & Michael 6684-7184
Local Community Garden - Michael michaelrobison@ozemail.com.au & Kali 6684-7519

We would love to hear other people who interested in one of these projects. If you have email then contact the first person listed, otherwise please call the second. The next stage will be for the people listed to gather others interested, and put together a plan, with objectives achievable in a realistic time-frame.

The rest of the wish-list follows, in order of priority.

Getting a Voice in the development of the road through the Nature reserve and ocean-side parking etc.
Looking into the Name change
Hall Beautification
Integrated Recycling / Waste Management for Tyagarah
Involvement in the Airport upgrade process
Grey's Lane
Cultural Awareness: Responsibilities to Diverse Cultures - including organizing concert/party and fund-raisers - Bruce
Circle format customs (how we hold meetings) - Bruce
Bike Trail
Noise from the Rifle Club.
Noise from the airport

We see this list as being a reference of things that we'd like to be involved with, but won't get to until some of the higher priorities are dealt with, unless there is interest from people who weren't at the meeting. If you are interested in any of these, then send me your contact information and I'll connect people together.

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April 16, 2002

Greenhouse - Booklets and Information

Joel has have some greenhouse booklets "A home guide to reducing energy
costs and greenhouse gases". This has practical information about what you can
do to limit climate change. If anyone would like to borrow the info, please
contact Joel 66847002.

Why is action to prevent or limit climate change important ? Many natural ecosystems are threatened by climate change, including our barrier reef.

Below is a link to news release about likely damage to the barrier reef from El Nino and climate change. http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99992164

Some extracts follow :-

Thomas Goreau, president of the Global Coral Reef Alliance in Chappaqua, New York, and an adviser to the UN Environment Programme says he has received reports in recent days of bleached, dead coral across much of the South Pacific, including Tahiti, the Cook Islands, New Caledonia and Fiji.

"It will take a long time before we have full confirmation of the magnitude of the disaster," he said. "But when it is all in, I predict we will have confirmation that almost all corals across the entire South Pacific have died in the last few months."

The bleaching follows record sea temperatures since the beginning of the year. "Almost all the Great Barrier Reef was 2°C or more above normal for more than two months from early January to mid-March,"says Goreau. "This was hotter and longer than the bleaching that wiped out the Maldives, Seychelles and western Australian reefs in 1998."

The high temperatures appear to be connected to the likely onset of a new El Niño, which also caused the bleaching in 1998.

But Goreau says global warming is a key underlying factor. "It means reefs are already under stress before El Niño start," he said.

Donne told New Scientist that "there has been little
mortality of corals yet". But Goreau says: "Catastrophic mortality will
certainly have taken place."

See "File"

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April 1, 2002

Roads - Noise

There has been no reply to the letter we sent to the RTA about noise, so
Kali will follow up with Wroth about taking legal steps. (Kali will post a copy
of the letter to the web site)

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Development - Dieter

We have indicated through our solicitors Wroth Wall that we are open to
mediation. We have requested that all communication with members of the
association needs to go through him.

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Communications - Party

The party planned for April 6th clearly wasnt' happening. Kali is away for
a couple of weeks and will organize one on her return - volunteers welcome to
contact her.

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Development - Blues Festival Rumor

There has been no response yet to the rumor about the Blues Festival
coming to Tyagarah, but that is not surprising given the timing! Colin will
follow up.

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Communications - Website

The web site is in the process of being redesigned by Mitra to make it
easier to see the information in different ways, especially not just by the date
of the update. Any suggestions are welcome at this stage. (Kali & Colin plan
on sending suggestions)

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Wildlife and Revegetation - Sticky Weed

The sticky weed working bee didn't happen, Colin was the only person who
could attend. The area cleared last time - Grays Lane from Prestons lane to the
flats, has regrown. It looks like we hit it too early, when the ground was dry
and lots of root pieces were left behind, and now it is too late with grass
covering it. It looks like we should leave it till next year, and hit it just at
the beginning of the wet season.

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Communications - Over the Back Fence

As mentioned in previous agenda, this is a series of three forums for
people involved in all kinds of community groups They are organized by ACE, and
inspired by a meeting that TSCA organized last November.

The second of a series of three forums happened. It was an almost completely new set of people so didn't draw much on the visioning of the first meeting. There were some good ideas generated, although because of the very small amount of time available in the breakout groups there was no time to really get into them in detail. Breakout groups looked at: information-sharing; community forums; working with schools; LAMPS.

Mitra was in the information sharing group and will be working with some of the other participants to improve information sharing between groups.

While Kali, Colin and Mitra
attended the first forum, and Mitra the second, there is at present noone from
TSCA planning on going to the final forum which is on April 21st 1pm-5pm at
Byron Surf Club.

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Wildlife and Revegetation - Revegetation project

There was more discussion about the pros and cons of putting all the
resources into revegetating one example site (near the picnic area at Grays Lane
/ Highway interchange) or spreading the resources thinly over a number of
wildlife corridor connected projects. Colin will chase this up and find out what
is happening.

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Development - Hospital

No further information is available as to whether Tyagarah is a likely
site for the hospital. The survey by Owl research distributed in the Echo was
pointless, asking obvious questions but missing out on important issues of how
it impacted neighbors. It appeared to be another case of creating the appearance
of consultation.

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Roads - Grays Lane

Council has half-heartedly graded the highway end of Grays Lane about 15th
March. Once again they just smoothed it around with adding gravel or
deep-ripping. The road is basically sand now and the two worst pot holes were
back within two weeks. Colin will check with David about askign council to
regravel it. We wonder if it is costing them more to do it badly so often than
to do it properly.

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Admin - Treasurer's Report

We've closed down the seperate fighting fund acount to save bank fees,
$600.45 was transferred to the general account. Bodha hasn't seen any money for
the hall rental and will follow up with Bruce.

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Admin - Memberships

One year memberships are due in July. Mitra will follow up with

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Wildlife and Revegetation - Tyagarah Road Wetland revegetation

Anna has a property on Pinegroves Rd (1st left on Tyagarah Rd). She has a
chance of applying to a wetland restoration fund, which needs to go through an
incorporated body. We will meet with her to see how it fits in with the wildlife
corridor. Two of her adjoining neighbors are also interested. One has 100 acres,
40 of which are already a refuge) and her son has 115 acres (80% wetland) across
the north side of Tyagarah Rd. She will look into whether a conservation
easement would also be appropriate.

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Documents - Council Contact Numbers

Numbers for serving councillors are attached

See "File"

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Roads - Highway wildlife crossing

Colin is reviewing the places where wildlife can get under the highway,
and places it is crossing over the road (with the expected

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Development - Cougars Land for Sale

Cougar's Land is for sale - at the corner of Buckleys and Grays Lane. We
are informed the price is about $1.5m

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Roads - Speed Limits

There has been concerned about the speed limit on Tyagarah Rd, which he
thinks should be reduced to 70km because of the amount of wildlife crossing and
getting killed. A personal letter has been sent to council but it was agreed
that TSCA should send a letter.

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Admin - Insurance

Colin is tryign to find out exactly what we are covered for. We need to
get this in writing. Colin informed us that Public Liability in essence covers
us if we have covered ourselves by dealing with the obvious things (e.g. visible
safety issues). It also covers for volunteers provided they are members and
instructed on necessary safety requirements, and provided with safety gear where
needed. We need waivers and Colin willrequest an example from the broker, and
Kali will request from Wroth. We will then need to develop waivers suitable for
specific events.

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