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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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July 2, 2001

Weed Spraying

The group has been gathering information on the toxic effects of Roundup because informed choices require information on both sides of a case! They are looking at places to revegetate between properties to link up areas of existing or re-vegetated bush. There have been recent concerns because of indiscriminate spraying by council of well maintained road-edges on Prestons Lane for example, and several people have submitted formal, as yet unanswered, complaints to council. A petition has been circulated and a resolution was passed "That Mitra should draft a letter be sent to council expressing our concerns over the weed spraying" (see "more" for text of letter sent)

Robyn Reed,
General Manager, Byron Shire Council, PO Box 219, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482

Dear Robyn

In June the streets of East Tyagarah were, entirely unneccessarily, sprayed with Roundup, and now have ugly brown lines down both sides to prove it. The residents of this area in general take good care of their environment, - some of the land sprayed had been mowed only the day before. Most of the residents also take care to use as few chemicals as possible due to concerns about their toxity, concerns that are not at all allayed by the claims of the manufacturers.

A complaint was filed, and a response received, these are attached. As is a second complaint from another resident which we are not sure if it was filed or not. A petition has circulated and is attached, with about 25 signatures.

We request that council does not spray on any of the streets of East Tyagarah: Grays Lane, Prestons Lane, Buckley's Lane, McInnes Lane.

The response to the complaint is clearly ambiguous as to whether council will spray this area again. In a follow up call to Jeff Schneider, he said that if it is the residents wishes (and I would presume that the signatures of most of the residents of this area should show that), that it has to go through an internal council process to determine how to maintain the area.

At its last General Meeting it was resolved unanimously that the association should communicate with council to express its opposition to toxic spraying and to attempt to resolve this issue.

We request that council informs us in writing, and clearly, of the process that this decision will go through, including who will be making the decisions, and when the process is completed informs us of what is decided.

Should council choose to spray again we request that we be notified in writing, and/or by means of warning signs so that the residents can keep their kids out of the poisons, avoid walking in bare-foot in the grass, and take other appropriate actions to protect themselves.

We will be happy to discuss ways cooperatively how to match council's requirements for safe roads with the residents desires to live in a non-toxic area. If all that is required is to keep approaches to driveways and intersections as well as road signs clear of weeds, then we as a community would be pleased to do so. e.g. As is done by the NPWS with their signs on Greys Lane.

Yours faithfully


- Mitra for Tyagarah Progress Association

Posted at July 2, 2001 12:00 AM

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