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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

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June 8, 2001

Weed Spraying

A resource sheet has been prepared for minimal chemical landcare.

Landcare - minimal chemical usage

This is a resource page for people trying to minimize chemical usage in their

Ever wondered why you don't get information from the official sources. Monsanto
(the makers of Roundup) are Landcare sponsors, here are some links:

Landcare Primary Producer Award

Here is the kind of research they don't want you to see: Comparison
of plantings using roundup, mulching and cover crops
from Southern Cross

  • Other people who care about this locally.

    • Letter in Rosebank Village Journal from S

  • Global resources about chemicals and the companies that produce them.

    • Fascinating page
      about the boycott of Monsanto
      and the other nasties it produces.

    • Article on Roundup
      and Cancer
      , shows how information could lead to either conclusion.

    • Interesting quote from a Soil-therapy

      "Herbicide damage to soil-life from undertree spraying further complicates
      the issue. In Australian horticulture there appears to be a poor understanding
      of the potential for soil-life damage linked to herbicides. The problem is related
      to the soil food-web. Algae are single-celled plants, which are concentrated
      on or near the surface to access the sunlight, needed for photosynthesis to
      occur. The carbohydrates (plant sugars) produced by these organisms are a principal
      energy source for beneficial bacteria, fungi and other members of the food web.
      Herbicides, like Roundup, kill plants, and algae are no exception. With the
      algae energy source removed from the picture, the associated soil life damage
      can be devastating."

    • Roundup and Cancer: http://www.biotech-info.net/glyphosate_cancer.html.

  • Alternatives

Posted at June 8, 2001 12:00 AM

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