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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

December 21, 2001

Food - LETS stall

A stall has been installed for the trading of local surplus produce, it is just inside the main entrance to Gondwana on the left.

Guidelines and Q&A are attached.

(The stall didn't get much use and was later removed).

See "File"

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December 11, 2001

Roads - Road to Hall

Since the meeting there has been a concern about RTA trucks driving up the road and turning, there seems no logical reason for this other than to get mud off their tires, and it is damaging the road, Joel will call the RTA to make sure something is done about it.

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December 3, 2001

Development - Buckleys

John Buckley has received an extension to his DA mostly based on the new landowner (Cougar) with whom he needed a boundary adjustment (the extension neglected to mention that the ownership change was 2 or 3 years ago) and almost immediately put in a S96 to remove the requirement for the seperate access that needed this boundary adjustment, and several other of the conditions imposed after the community consultation that happened after the original DA. Many locals, and the TSCA made a submission on this S96 opposing going back on the negotiated agreement. Buckley said to at least one of his neighbors that he would withdraw the S96, but at this point has not done so. Apparantly this should be heard in council early next year. Buckleys property might or might not have been sold, its unclear. The boundary adjustment with Cougar is going ahead.

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Communications - Newsletter

There was discussion of the need to involve more people who currently don't stay in touch. Several ideas were discussed including the idea of each of the committee committing to door-knocking and recruiting more people. We settled the idea of on an occasional newsletter to be printed and distributed when we do letter-box drops (e.g. for the tree planting). Debbie offered to get the first one together using materials from the web-site.

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Wildlife and Revegetation - Reforestation project

Jeff Smith at council is waiting for our plan for using the allocated S94 funds. Colin will organize a meeting to discuss species etc, preferably this meeting would be in West Tyagarah and involve some of the people there. Since we didn't recieve any funding from the "Year of the Volunteer" grant application, we thought it a good idea to spend about $1300 on a post-hole digger which could be used for this project and future revegetation. Bodha would contact her son-in-law who is a revegetator. Joel would talk to Bev about species. We will do a letter-box drop to invite people to the tree-planting.

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Roads - Noise

We noted that the RTA is using Ashphalt on the South-bound carriageway, and that this was already planned and not a response to our concerns. Bodha offered to check with the RTA about whether they are using the low-noise or normal ashphalt.

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Communications - Community Associations Meeting

The community group meeting in November went well, with about 9 people from other groups (but representing 16 groups!) turning up. There is a meeting being held between Kali and Les Einhorn and the ACE group about taking forward the idea of community forums, more next month ...

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Hall - Finances

We are open to the hall being used by members for some kind of weok-trade. The phone number on the hall has been changed from Ed's to Bruce's. The hall costs us about $420/year for insurance and $200 for our share of the electricity which needs to be covered somehow. There were issues around the Lapidary club not paying in a timely fashion and it was agreed to charge them for the work required to chase them up.

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Hall - Maintenance

There is now some use of it happening. There are concerns over fire issues and Bruce will liase with Colin over them. Bruce will also get the list of items needed to Mitra. There is a leak of some sort around the septic system for council's toilets and council will be approached about this.

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