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To preserve and enhance the cultural environmental and social sustainability of the Tyagarah Area and its inhabitants

What have we done, and what are we working on now


The group originally re-formed to fight (so far successfully) the proposed concert venue in East Tyagarah. Our intention is to keep an eye, and organise in response to innappropriate development, while being supportive of community member's rights to manage their own land in harmony with the environment and their neighbors. Our current biggest challenge is the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival's plans to make a venue for multiple large events behind the service station in Tyagarah


We led the fight on behalf of Tyagarah residents to deal with the impacts of the highway, and to draw attention to the substantial deceptions and incompetence of the RTA. Although our activities where unsuccessfull in getting the RTA to finish the job and put in place the noise mitigation measures they promised, our constant pressure led to significant increases in the compensation offered to people near the highway - especially Andersons Hill.

Tyagarah Hall

For a long time we managed the Tyagarah Hall, however it was not able to cover its costs, nor was there anyone willing to put the time and energy into looking after it responsibly so it was handed back to council in 2006.

Wildlife and Revegetation

There are several loosely coordinated landcare projects around Tyagarah, including a wetland restoration project at Anne's on Tyagarah Road, and rainforest regeneration on Gondwana and on Lisa & Robert's place on McInnes Lane. Lately (2003) a proposal has been put to council on creating a more effective wildlife corridor through Tyagarah.


We were successfull in getting National Parks and Wildlife to place signposts at the beach and Ti tree lakes and continue to organise to ensure that women can feel safe there. We've encouraged people to report harrassers, and the police to take complaints seriously. Recently a harrasser was convicted, and we hope that lesson will discourage others.




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